Frank Vyan Walton

Not all Republicans are neo-Nazis -- but are they still evil for not fighting the neo-Nazis?

In previous articles, I’ve discussed how the GOP has openly become the party of racism, white supremacy, and nationalismwhy you can’t be nice to neo-Nazis or their enablers in the GOP; and how the recent racism leading to violent acts of terrorism and mass murder wasn’t started by Donald Trump himself—he just brought the kerosine and the s’mores to the fire. What I’ve always wondered is: At what point would the majority of the GOP finally come to their senses and recognize all of this, and begin to denounce Trump’s many bigoted statements and policy positions? When will they reach the breaking point?

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Left and right have more than just a difference of opinion — it's a difference of reality

After the Mueller hearings this week, we’ve seen yet another example of how those on the left and on the right do not see things in the same way. Like so many events, these hearings are yet another Rorshach test in which people see largely what they prefer to see in what is there before them.

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The 'Deep State' Calls Are Coming From Inside Trump's White House

In the past 10 days we’ve seen unindicted co-conspirator Donald Trump’s petulant and petty response to the press coverage of Sen. John McCain’s death, how’s he’s exploded in reaction to early excerpts of Bob Woodward’s latest book Fear, and his essentially nuclear meltdown in response to the New York Times’ anonymous op-ed by a senior administration official who that says that “many appointees” remain in their positions largely to stop him from driving the country over a national security cliff.

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Here's How to Win the Civil Rights Social Justice War

Netroots Nation 2018 was a chance to meet a lot of good people, eat a lot of good food—but also to get a lot of work done, following up directly on my last Sunday essay arguing that we are still in the midst of an ongoing Civil Rights Social Justice War with the powers of White Male Nationalist Neo-Christian/Corporate Supremacy that has waxed and waned since nearly 100 years before the pen met paper on the Declaration of Independence.

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America May Be Galloping Toward Authoritarian Neo-Fascism

This past week Trump made a ton of alarming suggestions in furtherance of his white working class culture war against his critics and the media — and that was the suggestion that the broadcast licenses of NBC and the Networks could be pulled because they reported stories the didn’t like.

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Trump Reportedly Screamed at CIA Director Pompeo Over Intel being Withheld

Well he may call the media “Fake” and an “Enemy of the American people” but he apparently can’t stop himself from watching and reading it incessantly, particularly when he’s the subject.

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Why America Doesn't Call It Terrorism If the Perpetrators Are White

At this week’s Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas and in the courts of America, it seems like when we talk about “terrorism” we only appear to bring the subject up when the perpetrators are Muslim and/or brown-skinned. 

Since September 11, there were nine foreign-inspired “Jihadist” terrorist attacks on U.S. soil that killed 45 Americans, while 18 domestic-inspired far right terrorism attacks killed 48 people. We consider and debate all sorts of measures to change surveillance and immigration procedures while ignoring due process and the Constitution for foreign and Muslim threats because of the 14 people killed in San Bernardino last week. But we do absolutely nothing in response to the nine people killed in Charleston by Dylann Roof, or the six people killed at a Sikh temple in 2012, or the three killed in Colorado at Planned Parenthood last month, or the three killed in Las Vegas in 2014 including two police officers and one “good guy with a gun” in Walmart, or the three people killed at a Kansas Jewish center in 2014, or the four people killed in a multi-state spree by white supremacists in 2012, or the four people killed by the FEAR Militia in 2011.  

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White Woman Goes on Shooting Spree, Yet Somehow Isn't Automatically Killed By Police

We've been told repeatedly that if only Eric Garner hadn't resisted, or been so fat, the medical examiner wouldn't have found that his death was a homicide due to asphyxiation.   We've been told that if only Michael Brown hadn't been a vicious cigarillo thug he wouldn't have received a bullet wound in his arm that either came from the back while he was running away, or from the front while he hands were up as he traveled forward at the stunningly rapid speed of 2.59 mph.[Calculated by dividing 25 ft by the 6.572 secs it took to fire the shots that killed him]  We've been told that if only Jonathan Crawford had dropped the toy air-rifle he picked up from the shelves at Walmart within two seconds, that if only Tamir Rice had dropped his BB Gun within one second, and if only Darrien Hunt hadn't been running away as police shot him in the back for "brandishing" an unsharpened Katana Sword, all three of these people would still be alive today.

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