Frank T. McAndrew

The politics of deprecation: Why leaders don't laugh at themselves as much anymore

As the 2020 presidential campaign gets underway, one of the key factors that shapes our perceptions is how the candidates use – or do not use – humor.

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Why Losing a Dog Can Be Harder Than Losing a Relative or Friend

Recently, my wife and I went through one of the more excruciating experiences of our lives – the euthanasia of our beloved dog, Murphy. I remember making eye contact with Murphy moments before she took her last breath – she flashed me a look that was an endearing blend of confusion and the reassurance that everyone was ok because we were both by her side. The Conversation

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The Psychology Behind Why Clowns Creep Us Out

For the past several months, creepy clowns have been terrorizing America, with sightings of actual clowns in at least 10 different states.

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Why You Shouldn't Want to Always Be Happy

Why you shouldn't want to always be happy

Frank T. McAndrew, Knox College

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