Fatima Bhojani

Depressing Video: Black Man Tased and Dragged Off BART Train for 'Doing Nothing'

Watch this disturbing video: A black man on BART is tasered by a cop after ignoring the cop's repeated request to get off the train.

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The Constant Presence of U.S. Drones in the Sky Traumatize and Ruin Lives on the Ground

Nabila’s drawings are like any other nine-year-old’s. A house rests besides a winding path, a winding path on which wander two stick figures. Tall trees, rising against the back drop of majestic hills. Clouds sprinkled over a clear sky.

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8 Ways to Not Become a Victim of Racial Discrimination

Alas the earth did not get hit by that asteroid in 2012; so, as a species we can, for a little while longer, continue to ignore the common humanity that unites us all and discriminate racially like there is no tomorrow. Take the horrifying assault on the Hindu gentlemen in the Sunnsyside subway station for instance; yet another incident in a long line of hate crimes against religious minorities. In fact, FBI statistics demonstrate that the surge of 50 percent in hate crimes against Muslims in 2010 has still not subsided. Even more than a decade after the 9/11 tragedy (not that hate crimes were justified then either) there exists a very real chance that you might be discriminated against due to your apparent religious affiliation. Therefore, I have been forced to compile a list of fool-proof ways to protect yourself from being profiled, discriminated against or becoming the victim of a hate crime.

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