Erin Sagen

When Buying Nothing Gives You More of Everything

You are likely among the throngs of Americans who go gift-shopping in November and December. Maybe it’s for supplies to make homemade candles, or maybe ingredients to bake several dozen cookies. A new television, a new robe, a used book. Face it: You’ll want to buy something.

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A Trillion-Ton Iceberg Broke Off Antarctica and All I Can Think About Is Food

On July 12, an iceberg the size of Delaware broke loose from Antarctica and floated into the sea. Researchers, who had been anticipating the breakup since 2014, say that it cannot be attributed to climate change. At least not yet.

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3 Innovative Projects Strengthening Local Food Economies Around the U.S.

This article is part of Yes! Magazine's state-by-state exploration of local solutions.

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Dear Michelle Obama: If We Want to Curb Childhood Obesity, Sesame Street Is Not Going to Cut It

Can Sesame Street characters really transform the way kids eat? If a press conference last [month] was any indication, then Michelle Obama seems to think so.

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