Araz Hachadourian

3 Innovative Projects Strengthening Local Food Economies Around the U.S.

This article is part of Yes! Magazine's state-by-state exploration of local solutions.

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Standing With Malala: Meet the Teenagers Who Survived the Taliban and Kept Going to School

On a Tuesday in October 2012, a bus carrying the students of Khushal Girls High School and College in Pakistan’s Swat Valley came to a stop. The girls inside were on their way home from a day of exams.

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Watch These 12-Year-Olds Talk About Race More Candidly Than Most Adults Do

Over the past year, high-profile issues of racial violence have flooded the news. These stories have left parents and teachers with the difficult task of discussing racism with their kids and students, and adults have come up with some creative ways to approach these tough issues.

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How a Bronx Theater Uses the Avant-Garde to Teach Everyday Activism

A recent study revealed that nearly half of people between the ages of 13 and 22 have experienced online harassment. Of those surveyed, one-third did nothing when they saw someone else being bullied.

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Why a Brave College Student Chained Herself to an Oil Ship for Three Days

Chiara Rose, a 20-year-old student at Western Washington University, set out into the Port of Bellingham, Washington, on a small boat on the night of Friday, May 22. She paddled through choppy waves until she reached the anchor of a ship, and then jumped onto the chain. She fitted a hook through the links, dangled a harness down, and pulled herself up.

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Chicago Just Became the First U.S. City to Pay Reparations to Victims of Police Torture

In 2005 Standish Willis, a lawyer from Chicago, was home with a broken ankle. He was working on the case of a man who claimed that, years ago, he had been tortured by police. On the radio in the background, President George Bush argued that the U.S. military’s actions in Abu Ghraib did not constitute torture. That’s when Willis had an idea: “We could make the torture case international, and embarrass the United States.”

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