Elias Isquith

5 Historical Monsters Arguably Less Terrible Than Christopher Columbus

Despite the fact that an increasing number of states are deciding they'll pass on the opportunity to commemorate a man who by any reasonable measure has to be remembered as a vehicle for world-historic levels of death and destruction, the truth remains that Christopher Columbus Day is, as John Oliver recently called it, very much still a thing:

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'It’s Shameless Financial Strip-Mining': Les Leopold Explains How the 1 Percent Killed the Middle Class

While the fate of the presidential campaign that talks about the issue more than any other remains uncertain, this much is clear: Despite the general public’s mounting anxiety and awareness, the economic inequality that’s done so much to change American society over the past 40 years has not abated. It may, in fact, be getting worse.

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Paul Krugman Is Wrong: Why His Case Against Bernie Sanders Misses the Point

For the first time since his strident defenses of globalization ruffled some fair trade feathers in the 1990s, Paul Krugman is in a protracted debate with the American left.

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Why Chris Christie's Beatdown of Marco Rubio Was the Only Moment From the GOP Debate That Mattered

The moment when Saturday night’s Republican presidential primary debate was effectively over came long before the seven candidates left the stage at the St. Anselm’s College Institute of Politics in Manchester.

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Now You Can Start Worrying: Two Bold New Moves Reveal Trump’s Campaign Is No Laughing Matter

For most of the second-half of 2015, whether Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is “serious” (definition: unclear) was arguably the question of American politics.

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The 6 Worst Moments in U.S. Politics of 2015

Before we get this listicle started, let’s get something out of the way first: That headline is not intended to be taken literally. We are not so callous or shallow to think that anything could be “worse” than what happened in Charleston this summer, or Colorado Springs this fall. Those were two atrocities, yes; but they were profoundly political acts, too. They resulted in the murder of innocent people; human beings who loved and were loved, and will never come back. Nothing could be worse.

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Why Mass Death Is Our New Normal: The Real Root of America’s Gun Violence

As you likely know by now, there was another mass shooting in America yesterday. Actually, according to Shooting Tracker, there were two.

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Sorry, Conservatives, But Denying the Gender Wage Gap Is 'Truly Delusional'

For all of her talk of wanting to be (arguably) the first avowed feminist president, and wanting to use the office in order to champion the interests of working women and middle-class families, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 campaign has by and large chosen not to frame its economic proposals as being especially pro-women. That’s not to say that Clinton’s policy recommendations wouldn’t disproportionately affect women — many of them would. Instead, it is merely to note that the former secretary of state has opted against treating inequality and economic dysfunction as a women’s issue.

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This Man Is Not a Wonk: Why Marco Rubio Is Just Another Intellectual Fraud

After spending most of the past few months either kowtowing to Donald Trump or forestalling complete anarchy in the House of Representatives, Republicans now find themselves on the verge of what they hope will be a much better position. Former vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is the new Speaker of the House and Senator Marco Rubio seems poised to overtake Jeb Bush as the establishment’s favored candidate. The adults, some elite Republicans hope, will soon be back in charge.

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