Diane Goldstein

The rank hypocrisy of marijuana prohibition advocates receiving taxpayer funding

The New York Chapter of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), the prohibitionist organization led by Kevin Sabet, has submitted a request “to keep its funding sources confidential,” as reported in a September 5 Times Union article. As justification, the group cited fears that its donors would be harassed.

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Here's the truth behind the 'National Police Association'—and its shady ideology

Last month the National Police Association (NPA) filed an ethics complaint against Rachael Rollins, the new district attorney for Suffolk County, Massachusetts (who recently outlined her progressive policies to Filter).

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Here Are the Disturbing Links Between Pot Prohibition Advocates and Anti-Semitism

I am still reeling after the mass shooting targeting the Jewish community in Pittsburgh last month. But perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised; since 2014 we have seen an increase in hate crimes across the United States. As others have noted, increasing use of dog-whistle rhetoric by politicians and pundits has to bear part of the blame.

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The Big Implications of a Nasty Fight to Stop Marijuana Legalization in California

The presidential election campaign and its shock outcome revealed many of America’s ugly fractures around racism and how far we are from achieving social justice. Sadly, while working in drug policy for the past six years, I have seen the very same issues exposed within the ranks of those who supposedly support marijuana reform.

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