Gorsuch Sides With Right-Wing Justices Who Brush Off Big Money's Utter Distortion of Political System

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) confronted Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch about the vicious cycle facing our democracy: of severe concentration of economic power yielding severe concentration of political power.

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401(K)s Get a Needed Fix: The Department of Labor Just Saved Americans $17 Billion a Year

How much should I save for retirement? How much should I increase my contributions when I get a raise? Should I save in my firm’s 401(k) or a personal IRA? Which investments should I choose?

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What Economic Recovery? A Good Job is Still Hard to Find

Encouraging though it may be, the latest nationwide strong jobs report doesn’t change the big picture: the economic recovery, officially underway since June 2009, is still leaving millions of working Americans behind.

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The Staggering Income of America’s 10 Richest CEOs

In America, chief executive pay is now 300 times more than the average worker's. That’s a high enough ratio that presidential candidates are taking note on both sides of the aisle. Senator Bernie Sanders listed the statistic in a statement supporting mandated CEO disclosure of salaries, and CEO Trump himself declared that the numbers were “disgraceful."

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Top Four Self-Serving Myths Pedaled By Big Banks As The 2016 Campaign Heats Up

The demonized banking industry must make the case it is morally noble. That may jar some ears, but surely enabling retirees to earn a return on their savings and funding business expansion creating jobs and wealth, improving Americans’ quality of and opportunities in life is morally noble. — Eric Glover, the Washington Times, September 24, 2015

The hyperactivity of the presidential election has raised the level of discussion of financial regulation, at least in terms of noise if not enlightenment. Mr. Glover has provided an instructive insight into the mega-meme that will guide the opponents of regulation:

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New York State Board Finally Delivers Higher Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers

Setting a new milestone in the fight for fair pay, the New York fast food wage board today recommended a wage increase in a series of steps to $15 an hour by 2018 in New York City and by 2021 in the rest of the state. The new wage will apply to fast food businesses with 30 or more locations.

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Latest Evidence of America's Institutional Racism: Almost All Political Donors Are White

(Editor's note: What follows is the executive summary of a new report by Demos documenting the racial bias in America's campaign finance system.)

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Supreme Court Halts GOP Voter ID Law in Wisconsin; Federal District Court Tosses Texas ID Law, Calling It a Poll Tax

Just a month before the election, voting rights have been on a wild ride. The U.S. Supreme Court began its term by reinstating voting restrictions in Ohio and North Carolina after federal appeals courts put these laws on hold for unfairly burdening voting rights, particularly for people of color.

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Bob Herbert: Ferguson Just the Latest in Long Line Of Racist Fueled Tragedies

I remember the stunned reaction of so many Americans back in the summer of 2005 when legions of poor black people in desperate circumstances seemed to have suddenly and inexplicably materialized in New Orleans during the flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina.

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18 Charts that Illustrate America's Insane Class System from Birth till Death

I am not usually one for a long charticle, but occasionally it's worthwhile to step back and summarize what we know. Here, I tackle America's class system, across the life cycle.

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