Liz Kennedy

The True Cost of Citizens United: The Roberts Court’s Darkest Hour Revisited

It’s been five years since the Supreme Court decided Citizens United, which allowed unlimited corporate money into the political system and increased the domination of democracy by the wealthy elite. Money has indeed overwhelmed the system since 2008. This rise of big money in politics has endangered democracy and emboldened those who want to put democracy up for sale to aggressively attack the modest campaign spending regulations that still remain.

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Supreme Court Halts GOP Voter ID Law in Wisconsin; Federal District Court Tosses Texas ID Law, Calling It a Poll Tax

Just a month before the election, voting rights have been on a wild ride. The U.S. Supreme Court began its term by reinstating voting restrictions in Ohio and North Carolina after federal appeals courts put these laws on hold for unfairly burdening voting rights, particularly for people of color.

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