Conor Gaffey

Women's Convention Under Fire for Picking Bernie Sanders as Lead Speaker

The Women’s March on January 21 was possibly the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history, with up to 5.25 million people taking part across the country. The movement is seeking to build on that legacy by hosting its maiden convention in Detroit later in October.

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Watch: Larry David and Bernie Sanders Are Related

The glaring similarities between Bernie Sanders and Larry David have always suggested that there must be a deep connection between them. Both the Vermont senator and the Curb Your Enthusiasm frontman are septuagenarian Brooklynites, with the same greyish-white hair framing bald spots. David has made a commercial success of their shared characteristics, spinning Sanders’ 2016 Democratic…

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Holocaust Memorial in Boston Shattered, Days After Neo-Nazi Rally in Charlottesville

A civil rights group has accused President Donald Trump of creating an “incubator of hate” after a Holocaust memorial in Boston was vandalized for the second time in two months on Monday. Police in Boston arrested a 17-year-old male suspect on Monday evening after being told by witnesses that he had thrown a rock and smashed…

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‘We’ve Got the White House on Speed Dial’: Here’s How Evangelical Christians Are Influencing Trump

Evangelical Christians have unprecedented access to President Donald Trump’s White House and are “on speed dial” with the administration, according to an activist who prayed over the president in the Oval Office. The evangelical community overwhelmingly backed the Republican in November’s election, and Trump has been quick to repay it. The president has signed an executive…

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