Bronwyn Isaac

Gavin Grimm Wants To Fix The Education System That Failed Him

Even if you don’t avidly follow the news, it’s likely you’ve heard the name Gavin Grimm floating around in the ether. The now 18-year-old trans student made national headlines back in 2014, when he spoke before the Gloucester County School Board about his right to use the men’s bathroom. Initially, the school board recognized his gender and he was allowed to use the corresponding bathroom. However, the school board recoiled and adopted a discriminatory policy after parents in the community started complaining, and Grimm was forced to testify for his right to use the restroom.

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Amber Tamblyn Shares Sexual Assault Story on Instagram in Response to Trump

In response to the publication of 2005 recordings of Donald Trump that documented him explicitly talking about grabbing women by their genitals and kissing them with no intention of receiving consent, the actress and poet Amber Tamblyn shared on Instagram about her sexual assault at the hands of an ex-boyfriend. Social media has been filled with the sobering stories from women detailing their experiences with sexual assault after the video of Trump was released in which he said “I grab women by the pussy,” while chatting with Billy Bush, and Tamblyn added her sexual assault story to the growing list when she posted on Instagram on Sunday.

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Is Eating More Actually Better If You're Trying to Get Fit?

Whenever there’s a new health revelation being shared across the vast neighborhoods of the internet, I routinely get on my knees, fold my hands in prayer, and whisper, “Please, just tell me to eat more.” Luckily, the current overlord heard my prayers when this woman shared how under-eating is bad for fitness goals, and naturally, I wept in gratitude before indulging in a basket of Popeyes chicken and biscuits. For my health, of course.

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First Graders Are Body Shaming Each Other, According to a New Study

Being a kid has never been easy. You’re brand new in this terrifying and lovely world, and you have to learn the ropes all while your body is still growing and shaping itself. As if tiny humans don’t have enough sensory overload to stress them out, a recent study shows that children body shame each other as early as first grade. The depressing study found that kids as young as six have internalized our cultural messages of fat-phobia and actively bully kids they perceive as heavy or bigger than them.

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Hillary Clinton Says Women Will Make up Half Her Cabinet If Elected President

Election season is nothing but a series of empty promises from politicians who I suspect are drones bent on our destruction. But still, in lieu of the demonic Play-doh disguised as candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, it’s refreshing to hear some of the sunny promises Bernie and Hillary serve us from their platters of hope (I still think they’re drones). In a recent statement Hillary Clinton says women will be half her cabinet if elected, a promise that feels way too straightforward and plausible to actually believe.

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