Brad Friedman

Something Very Strange Is Going on in a Georgia Election Lawsuit

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Did GOP Insiders Steal the Kentucky Governor's Race for Tea Partier Matt Bevin?

We see, again, the nightmare scenario I've warned about for so many years: a U.S. election where all of the pre-election polls suggest Candidate X is set to win, but Candidate Y ends up winning by a huge margin instead and nobody even bothers to verify that the computer tabulated results accurately reflect the intent of the voters.

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The Secret to Bill O’Reilly’s Professional Survival

This post originally appeared on The BRAD BLOG.

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Tea Partying, Anti-Obamacare Ex-Sheriff Now Begging for Help to Pay Medical Bills

This story is reposted with permission from The BradBlog.

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Conservative Icon Federal Judge Sees the Light - Writes Amazing Dissent on Voter ID Laws

If you read just one top-to-bottom dismantling of every supposed premise in support of disenfranchising Photo ID voting restrictions laws in your lifetime, let it be this one [PDF]!

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Appalling: War on Science Now Includes War on Science Museums

As we noted when citing the excellent recent episode of Fox' COSMOS, which explained the causes and dangers of global warming in a way that turned a long-time, self-described "climate denier" colleague of ours into a "believer," the documented facts of science don't require "belief." Scientific facts are still true, whether one chooses to believe them or not.

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