Benjamin Dangl

Why Trump’s NAFTA 2.0 Is a Win for Big Oil - But a Huge Loss for Workers and the Environment

After the U.S., Canada, and Mexico agreed to a new trade deal to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) late Sunday night, Trump heralded the new deal as “truly historic news for our nation and the world.”

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The Renegade President Brings His War to the United Nations

When President Trump began his speech to the UN General Assembly Tuesday, he started out in true fashion by touting his own record, saying, “my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”

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It's Boom Times for Billionaires

Forida is a 22-year-old sewing machine operator in a clothing factory in Dahka, Bangladesh. She often works 12-hour days producing clothing for brands such as H&M and Target. Sometimes, during busy production cycles, the hours are even longer.

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Trump Wants to Plunder Afghanistan for Its Vast Mineral Wealth

October 7th marked sixteen years since the start of the US War in Afghanistan – America’s longest war. In an effort to justify the continued and expanded presence of US troops in the country, President Trump is seeking a plan to have US companies extract minerals from resource-rich Afghanistan.

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Trump’s Budget Expands Global War on the Backs of the American Poor

It is fitting that while President Trump is traveling the world, sealing a weapons deal with Saudi Arabia, he would drop his own kind of bomb on the American people: his budget proposal for the coming fiscal year, titled, of course, “The New Foundation for American Greatness."

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It Took 40 Years and Millions of Lives Destroyed for Elites to Admit That Neoliberalism Has Failed

Last week a research wing of the International Monetary Fund came out with a report admitting that neoliberalism has been a failure. The report, titled “Neoliberalism: Oversold?” is hopefully a sign of the ideology's death. They were only about 40 years late. As Naomi Klein tweeted, "So all the billionaires it created are going to give back their money, right?"

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Inside Bolivia’s Contested Process of Change: Views From a Regional Election

A fist fight broke out in a local campesino union office in La Paz one afternoon last April while I was waiting to interview the union’s leaders. The fight was over how funds for government-supported projects were spent. Last week, at a campaign rally for an El Alto mayoral candidate losing in the polls, speeches were largely about the struggle over the political capital and legacy of a series of anti-neoliberal rebellions in the early 2000s. And this past Sunday, the party of President Evo Morales, the victor in general elections last October, lost key races in regional elections across the country. Such events point to the contested nature of Bolivian politics within and without the so-called “process of change” under Morales.

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