Can We Dispense with the Idea That Bush Kept America Safe?

Can we please dispense with the idea that Bush kept America safe when his decision to invade Iraq has caused more US deaths than 9/11? From the AP:

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Kerry Fears Afghanistan War Turning into Another Vietnam

Thanks to our great friends and allies at Get Afghanistan Right, it seems like a real discussion about the wisdom of military escalation in Afghanistan is finally underway. And this discussion isn’t just on progressive blogs and the anti-war left — it’s in the halls of power, where the final decisions will be made. During Hillary Clinton’s confirmation hearing for secretary of state (transcript here), John Kerry voiced his concerns:

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How Electronic Voting Machines Could Steal Our Democracy

Did you know the hardware and software used in electronic voting machines (DREs) is considered proprietary and cannot be inspected by outside experts? That means that a small number of people could easily program DREs to flip votes, and the evidence of this crime would be safely locked inside the machines, with no way that anyone (except for the manufacturers) to know with 100% certainty that votes were accurately counted, or even if they were counted at all. And paper trails are only useful if they are actually counted. They often aren’t.

As Josef Stalin (allegedly) said, "It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes."

This is potentially a democracy nightmare, where private companies are allowed to count the votes with absolutely zero transparency or accountability. We might as well have the vote count done at Guantanamo Bay by Blackwater.

But there are a few patriots out there who are ceaselessly fighting to expose this potential crisis. One is Clint Curtis, a software developer turned whistleblower who was asked in 2001 to write vote hacking software to be used in DREs. Another is Brad Friedman, a tireless investigative blogger and creator of, an excellent clearinghouse for election fraud information. Both are featured in the excellent, terrifying documentary Murder, Spies & Voting Lies: the Clint Curtis Story. You can see my review of it here (you can buy the movie and find out more about it at

America’s corporate media has done a woeful, shameful job reporting this issue that goes to the very heart of our democracy and our identity and reputation as a free nation. A few nights ago, a major channel finally did a long, in-depth story about election fraud, featuring interviews with Curtis and Friedman. The channel? Al-Jazeera English. You can watch the entire story here (part 1 & part 2).

Sean Hannity Nailed on Edwards/McCain Adultery Double Standard

There’s nothing more fun on FOX than seeing the rare sight of Alan Colmes standing up on his hind legs and exposing Sean Hannity for the idiotic, hypocritical windbag he is. But this latest smackdown over John Edwards’ affair has become one of my all-time favorites.

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The Loathsome Hypocrisy of Sean Hannity

This happened a little while ago, but Sean Hannity’s hypocrisy is so astounding that I couldn’t let it go.

As you saw in our latest video, FOX ATTACKS! Michelle Obama (nearly 500,000 views and #1 most viewed News & Politics video this month!), the folks on FOX are simply shocked, SHOCKED! that Michelle Obama would dare say she thought America is a “downright mean” country where more and more people are struggling to get by. FOX had endless hours of “analysis” on this subject, claiming it proved the Obamas were elitists, radicals, socialists, America haters, etc. “What country is she living in?” asked disgraced Abramoff asshat Ralph Reed, as if no one in their right mind (even a black person!) could even entertain such a notion. In fact, I believe it’s FOX's official policy that Michelle Obama’s name may never be uttered without saying “not proud of her country” and “downright mean.” Of course, notorious racist Hannity led the indignation fiesta, claiming a statement like Michelle’s is a wound that would doom the Obama campaign (but don’t tell the Germans).

So, in the name of Fairness and Balance, you’d expect Hannity to have a fraction of the same indignation towards Phil Gramm, John McCain’s top economic advisor (and stinking rich UBS bank chairman), when he proclaimed that America is a “nation of whiners” and that the suffering of millions of Americans under the Bush economy is simply a “mental” problem. You’d expect that — but that means you are unfamiliar with the depths of hypocritical asshattery that is Sean Hannity. From C&L:

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On Michelle Obama and Patriotism

The right-wing "outrage" and "discussion" about Michelle Obama's patriotism would be utterly laughable if so many people, including the urban-mythical "liberal" media, weren't actually treating it like it was an important topic of discussion. On FOX and in some of the comments to our newest blockbuster video, FOX ATTACKS! Michelle Obama (216,000 views and 32,750 petition signatures in less than 24 hours!), the right sees themselves as CSI agents who have unraveled the Mystery of the Unpatriotic Candidate's Wife. Because of two misinterpreted and overanalyzed statements, Michelle Obama has been "exposed," her "true identity" revealed! She isn't proud of America! She seems "bitter"! She's actually a Marxist black supremacist sleeper agent bent on destroying and enslaving white America! She must be stopped!

Seriously. This is what many Republicans seem to believe. And they're very proud of themselves for figuring it out.

If there were a movie about a fiendish terrorist plot to destroy America through an overly critical Black Panther disguised as a presidential candidate's wife, it would tank even if it was a Bourne sequel.

"Good work, Agent Hannity! You've caught that Marxist Black Panther terrorist first lady before she had a chance to destroy America with her negative outlook on things! We'll make sure she's imprisoned indefinitely without charge and tortured as a monument to how proud you are of your country."

It's quite possibly the stupidest idea I've ever heard, yet it's one of the main Republican strategies for winning the presidency. And the nightmare scenario of Michelle Obama as first lady is apparently keeping Republicans up at night. Maybe the right thinks it's so "strong on terror" because they are able to conduct their daily lives while simultaneously being terrified of gays, Mexicans, liberals, terrorists, age-appropriate sex education, rappers, Muslims, the sanctity of their marriages, secularism, video games, revealing clothing, naked statues, TV shows, Janet Jackson's boob, sexy advertising, driving in smaller cars, Iran, France, San Francisco, brown people, black people, and black presidential candidates and their wives. With a list like that, you can see why they're so scared — they're waging multiple World Wars of terror in their heads every day.


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