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Here's A Brief History of the Battle Over Patriotism and the Pledge of Allegiance in US Schools

When a California school principal called controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick an “anti-American thug” for his protests during the national anthem at NFL football games, passions were inflamed anewover whether patriotism should be taught in America’s schools.

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Democratic Senator Files Emergency Bill to Block DeVos Plan to Use Federal Funds to Put Guns in Schools

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, is filing an emergency bill to block Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' plan to allow federal funds to be used to put guns in classrooms.

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Betsy DeVos Is Planning to Allow Schools to Use Federal Funds to Buy Guns

Betsy DeVos is working on a plan that would, for the first time in history, allow schools to use federal funds to buy guns, according to a report in The New York Times late Wednesday. The Education Secretary was tasked by the President with putting together a commission to protect schools from gun violence after the massacre at Florida's Parkland High School.

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Texas Lt. Governor Blames Doors for the Santa Fe Shooting

As officials struggled to respond to the Santa Fe shooting in Texas on Friday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made comments that struck many as bizarre. While discussing ways to address the problem of gun violence going forward, Patrick focused extensively on the idea the schools' many entrances may make them too unsafe. 

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The Descendant of a Slave Explains the Roots of Kanye West's 'Very Flawed' Claim that Slavery Was a 'Choice'

After alienating many of his fans by voicing support and affection for President Donald Trump, Kanye West made the brazen remark this week that American slavery of Africans and their descendants might have been a "choice" on the part of the slaves.

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Two Rural Oregon Elementary Schools Are Pulling Out of Statewide Reading Program for Appalling Reason

Two elementary school districts in rural Oregon are pulling out of a statewide reading program because of a book about a transgender girl.

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Kids of Color Are Being Thrown Out of School at Disproportionate Rates - This Is How We Can Fix It

When two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks where they had been waiting for a business meeting on April 12, the incident called renewed attention to the bias that racial minorities face in American society.

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Texas Charter School Asked Students to List 'Positive Aspects' of Slavery

An enraged father was in disbelief when he saw his eighth grader's homework assignment. The student was given a paper with two columns to fill out by listing the "positive aspects" and the "negative aspects" of life as a slave.

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This Disturbing Video Shows a Cop Manhandling a Handcuffed Student for 'Cussing'

A police officer forcefully arrested 16-year-old Tiffany Rodriguez at Por Vida Charter High School on Wednesday, according to San Antonio’s Fox 29.

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Watch These First Graders Answer Whether or Not a Tantrum Could Save the World

It’s a pretty safe bet that climate change will affect the children of today even more than it affects today’s adults. That’s a really dark truth! But the good news is that kids are perfectly capable of understanding the threat of an existential crisis like climate change.
The Tantrum That Saved the World, a new book from illustrator Megan Herbert and climate scientist Michael Mann, wants to teach them the best and most productive ways to deal with that sort of existential crisis. We went and read it to a class of real live 7-year-olds to see what they thought. Watch our video above for their very honest impressions.

Louisiana Private School Teacher and Aide Fired After Mom Secretly Records Them Mocking Her Autistic 12-Year-Old Son

A private school in Louisiana this week announced it was firing two employees who were caught in an audio recording mocking a 12-year-old autistic student.

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