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'Normalizing Neo-Nazis Again': Internet Rains Hell on New York Times for Fawning Profile of Far-Right 'Proud Boys' Founder

The New York Times once again is under fire from social media users, some of whom are even demanding the paper of record "stop normalizing Nazis," after running an alarmingly positive and whitewashed profile of right wing extremist Gavin McInnes, calling him a mere "provocateur."

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'Jews News' is a Fake News Site Run By A Man Who Defended Nazis After Charlottesville

An American-born man who has defended the white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville, VA, runs a website that has repeatedly spread fake news and linked to fake news websites.

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Alt-Right Neo-Nazis Are Planning to Rally at White House If Banned from Charlottesville

Jason Kessler, the extremist behind last year’s violent alt-right “Unite the Right” rally at which a counter-protester was killed, said that if he is denied a permit to host an anniversary event in Charlottesville, Virginia, this summer that activists will demonstrate outside of the White House instead.

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California Police Caught Helping Out Neo-Nazis, Continuing a Longstanding American Tradition

After violence erupted in 2016 between neo-Nazi groups and anti-racist activists in Sacramento, the head of the white supremacist Traditionalist Worker Party went on a well-known racist radio program to gloat about the number of attacks his group had carried out.

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Racism Is a Highly Profitable Online Business

White supremacists, alt-right members, Republicans and other garden-variety bigots used to rely on mainstream crowdfunding sources when they wanted to raise money. Vocal white nationalist Emily Youcis received donations using Patreon; violent alt-rightie Kyle Chapman had a PayPal; and racists rallied to pay the legal defense costs of murderers George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson via GoFundMe. But in recent months, those platforms have been shutting down the campaigns of hardline right-wingers and various other heroes of the alt-right. In response, there’s Hatreon, which caters to the neo-Nazis and outspoken racists those other platforms have left behind.

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Why Is the Media Reluctant to Cover Neo-Nazi Violence?

It's been just a little over two months since a white supremacist rammed his car into a crowd of anti-fascist protesters and killed a woman in Charlottesville, Virginia. It seems as if the mainstream media has already gotten bored with the story of neo-Nazi violence and domestic terrorism. Leading white nationalist Richard Spencer snagged a huge amount of coverage for scheduling a speech at the University of Florida, which provoked stories about how much the school was spending on security, the potential for protests and the fact that the state's Republican governor felt compelled to declare a state of emergency. But when three of Spencer's biggest fans and core followers — their names are Tyler Tenbrink, William Fears and Colton Fears (the latter two are brothers) — were arrested for attempting to murder protesters, coverage of the event was relatively sparse.

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How Trump's Presidency Is Fueling Right-Wing Nationalist & Anti-Immigration Movements Across Europe

In Austria, conservative leader Sebastian Kurz has been tasked with forming a government after he won a slim majority in the snap elections earlier this month. His conservative party, which campaigned on an anti-immigration platform, is now weighing whether to form a coalition with Austria’s far-right populist Freedom Party, which won 26 percent of the vote in the Austrian elections. The Freedom Party was founded by former Nazis six decades ago. This comes as hate crimes in Britain hit a record high and anti-immigrant nationalist movements are surging across Europe. For more, we speak with Dominic Thomas, professor at UCLA who specializes in European politics. Thomas is chair of the Department of French and Francophone Studies.

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Congress Just Sent a Resolution Opposing White Supremacy to Trump's Desk

A resolution offering forceful condemnation of white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other hate groups was passed unanimously by both chambers of Congress and sent to President Donald Trump's desk on Tuesday.

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5 Absurd Attempts to Equate Right-Wing Terrorists With Left-Wing Groups

“Sure, the cancer was aggressive. But the chemotherapy was also very aggressive. There was aggression on both sides.” —Elan Gale

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My Liberal White Male Rage: What Should I Do About It?

“OK, now turn to page 43 of the handbook. We need to talk about lockdown drills in case of an intruder.”

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Historian Snyder: 'We Are Hanging by Our Teeth to the Rule of Law'

During his recent campaign-style rally in Phoenix, Donald Trump sounded disturbingly like Mussolini or Hitler, lying with almost every breath, threatening his political enemies with violence and exalting his own greatness. As happened with those authoritarian demagogues in an earlier era, Trump’s public was enthralled by their leader while the majority of the American people (and the world) were disgusted.

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