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Analysts Debunk the White House's Myth of the Booming 'Trump Economy'

President Donald Trump frequently lies when he boasts about the performance of the economy under his presidency, just as he lied when claimed the positive economic data under President Barack Obama was "phony."

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Trump-Backing GOP Governor Blasts President on Trade - and Warns of Massive Job Losses

President Donald Trump risks hurting many of his own voters as he digs in on his mercantilist trade policies, and even friendly GOP politicians are starting to call him out on it.

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'Insulting And Unacceptable': Justin Trudeau Delivers Stunning Rebuke of Trump Labeling Canada a National Security Threat

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is speaking is defiant terms about President Donald Trump's decision to levy tariffs against the United States' northern ally, a policy that requires invoking laws to essentially declare Canadian trade with the U.S. to be a national security threat.

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These Are the 5 Polices Republicans Should Support If They Actually Want to Get America to Work

Now that Donald Trump is in office to rubber-stamp all manner of inhumane legislation, Republicans have started pushing the idea of attaching "work requirements" to all sorts of social safety-net programs. In April, President Trump signed an executive order meant to force recipients of low-income housing assistance, Medicaid or food assistance to get a job in order to retain benefits, claiming that assistance "delayed economic independence, perpetuated poverty, and weakened family bonds." Now Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is proposing similar "work requirements" for housing assistance, and the House Republican farm bill suggests adding even more onerous requirements to those that already exist.

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This Is How We'll Survive After Robots Have Taken Our Jobs

Imagine for a moment that Uber drivers, rather than Uber stockholders, own Uber.

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Red-State Voters Are Starting to Panic Over Trump's New Tariffs

Donald Trump shocked economists and many inside his own administration when he ignored his economic advisors and went with a half-brained pitch from his Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, to impose tariffs on steel. Experts warned it could set off a trade war and sure enough, China punched back:

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Energy Independence Requires Steel Independence

Shale oil and gas, now fracked from deep underground in two dozen states, is celebrated for delivering energy independence to the United States. But that goal can’t truly be achieved if America depends on China, Korea, even Brazil for the steel vital to drilling.

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Picture the United States Without Student Debt

Picture the United States without student debt. It’s a country with a larger, more vibrant economy than the one we have today. It’s a country where more than a million people, including many people who never went to college, have jobs they would not otherwise have.

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Don't Want a Robot to Replace You? Start Reading Literature

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

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Trump's Jobs-for-Medicaid Scheme Is Based on Warped Logic - Here's What Might Actually Work Instead

Earlier this year, the Trump administration said it would support state efforts to require able-bodied adults to work or participate in other “community engagement activities” as a future condition of eligibility for Medicaid. States are already taking up the president’s offer: On January 12, Kentucky became the first U.S. state to require that Medicaid recipients work or get jobs training, after submitting a waiver for federal approval in 2016. Others, such as Maine, Utah and Wisconsin, are making similar noises.

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Harley-Davidson to Close Kansas City Plant Citing Trump Tax Cuts

Harley-Davidson executives rode into the White House compound nearly one year ago to meet with Donald Trump, who promised a bright future ahead for the motorcycle maker. From that embarrassing speech:

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