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These 5 Race-Baiting and Hypocritical Right-Wingers Complain About the 'Race Card' - While Playing the Race Card Themselves

A game that many Republicans and people on the far-right love to play is going out of their way to be racially inflammatory, then accusing people of “playing the race card” when they are called out—and Republican Corey Stewart, who is running against incumbent Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine in Virginia in the 2018 midterms, is a prime example. Stewart has praised Confederate soldiers, exalted Gen. Robert E. Lee and Gen. Stonewall Jackson as honorable men and asserted that Virginians should be proud to display Confederate flags. But when the Rev. Al Sharpton interviewed Stewart on his MSNBC program, “Politics Nation,” on August 12, Stewart insisted that Sharpton was a “race hustler” for calling him out.

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Homophobia, Misogyny, and Islamophobia: The Right’s New Darling - Mark Keith Robinson - Has It All

This Saturday, pro-gun MAGA hordes will gather at the Orange County Second Amendment (OC2A) rally in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Among the speakers will be the newest darling of the right—recently granted fawning coverage by outlets such as Breitbart, Twitchy, Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze—Mark Keith Robinson. The right’s latest attack dog epitomizes the current Republican brand, as a “birther pundit who says gay people are ‘devil-worshipping child molesters,’ black Democrats are ‘slaves,’ the student survivors of the Parkland shooting are ‘silly little immature media prosti-tots,’ and Michelle Obama is a man.”

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American Exceptionalism Is a Dangerous Myth

Yesterday in Moscow, France’s national soccer team won the 2018 World Cup Final, defeating Croatia 4-2 and inspiring huge celebrations in the streets of Paris and other French cities. Soccer fans all over the world are singing “La Marseillaise,” eating croissants and saying, “Oui, vive la France!” Yet in the U.S., hating soccer is a tradition among far-right Republicans like Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter (who, during the 2014 World Cup, equated growing interest in soccer in the U.S. with “the nation’s moral decay”).

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Glenn Beck Storms Off CNN After Brian Stelter Asks 'Ridiculous Question' About His Media Company 'Imploding'

“The Blaze” founder Glenn Beck on Sunday blew up at CNN’s Brian Stelter over a question about his company “imploding,” accusing the “Reliable Sources” host of “dividing” America and only caring about “ratings.”

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Glenn Beck Is Trying to Sell Off His Private Jet As His Media Empire Continues to Crumble

As his media empire collapses, Glenn Beck listed his private jet for sale, according to the Daily Beast.

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Bill O'Reilly Has a Thoroughly Bonkers New Conspiracy Theory About Why He Was Fired from Fox News

A resentful Bill O’Reilly has returned to national radio after being dumped by Fox News in April, and he has an ominous message.

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First Fake News, Now Fake History: Glenn Beck Wants to Train Young People to Promote an Alternative History

If there are two characteristics that really define Trumpism, they are a total disregard for the importance of facts and a nostalgia for a mythical, vaguely defined time of American “greatness.” That makes the Trump era ripe for Glenn Beck’s ongoing project of creating and promoting his revisionist view of American history — one that valorizes straight white men as humanity’s natural leaders and grants Christian fundamentalism a centrality to American history that it did not, in reality, have.

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Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck Become Hilariously Strange Bedfellows in New Trump Era

In the holiday spirit of peace, love and reconciliation, "Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee extended the olive branch to exiled conservative Glenn Beck on the weirdest day ever.

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'The Blaze Is Over': Sources Say Glenn Beck's Website Is Dying as His Media Empire Collapses

Sources inside Glenn Beck’s once-mighty multimedia production company say that Beck is falling apart as his media empire collapses around him.
An employee of Beck’s flagship website told Huffington Post in an article published Wednesday that the few remaining staff are “looking for an exit” because they expect the site to be shuttered soon for good.
Huffington Post’s Michelle Fields said that is “suffering from a lack of editorial direction, staff attrition and internal discord” and that the mood among employees is “somber” as they’ve watched a 25-member editorial team get whittled down to six people — with more cuts expected.

“The few people who are still left are looking for an exit because they know The Blaze is over,” the source told Fields. “They haven’t told us straight up that they’re done with us, but all the signs point to it, and they’re not replacing people who are laid off or get out.”

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Ted Cruz Tries to Justify Trump Endorsement to a Furious Glenn Beck

On Friday, Ted Cruz officially endorsed Donald Trump and the news did not sit well with Glenn Beck, who had campaigned for Cruz during the Republican primaries on the grounds that he had been anointed by God to save America, and who has vowed never to support Trump.

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