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Michael Moore Details Why He Fears Trump May Be the 'Last President of the United States'

With a new, dark documentary about the state of the country coming under President Donald Trump coming out soon, Michael Moore appeared with MSNBC's Chris Hayes Wednesday night to promote the film. 

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Here's How Workers Get Scammed in the New Economy - As Corporations Get Richer and More Powerful

The stock market is effervescent. Unemployment seems inexorably descendent. On financial news shows, someone always is singing, “Happy Days are Here Again.”

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Is It Time to Break up Amazon?

Let’s get this over with first: It’s an understatement to say consumers love shopping on

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Papa John's Founder Resigns from Board After Using the N-Word on Company Call

After having to resign as CEO last year for his bizarre broadside against NFL players protesting racism, Papa John's founder John Schnatter stepped down as chairman of the company's board Wednesday night for using the n-word on a company call.

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'The Tax Cut Is Utterly Failing to Deliver': Paul Krugman Warns Trump's Economic Policy Could Lead to 'Maximum Self-Harm'

While President Donald Trump continues to praise himself for the strength of the economy, his main economic policy success seems to be a dud at best — and from all appearances, it looks like he's trying to make things worse.

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'They Cannot Get Votes on Their Actual Policies': Noam Chomsky Explains How the Republican Party Is Rotten to the Core

In a recent interview with Truthout, renowned MIT professor Noam Chomsky gave an incisive explanation of the current state of American politics, touching on the failures of President Barack Obama and the rise of President Donald Trump.

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Hightower: It's Time for a Wall Street Sin Tax

The moneyed populace is adroit at getting Congress to shift America's tax burden to workers, consumers, small businesses -- anyone but them. Sen. Russell Long, the former chair of the finance committee, used to quote a little back-country ditty on this point: "Don't tax me, don't tax thee, tax that fellow behind the tree."       

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Jim Hightower: Corporations Use This Cheap Trick to Avoid Paying Employees a Living Wage

Today's captains of corporate capitalism like to think of themselves not as mere businesspeople, but as modern society's genius "innovators."

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Report Discovers Multinational Companies Found Even More Ways to Avoid Taxes Following the Financial Crisis

As growing inequality has steadily increased in American society, major multinational companies have been benefiting from lower and lower tax rates the world over, according to a new report from the Financial Times.

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3 Ways McDonald's Can Show Respect for Women Instead of Flipping Its Logo

As the world marks International Women’s Day with strikes, obituaries honoring oft-overlooked influential women, and pushes for change on issues including equal pay, McDonald’s is celebrating in its own way—by flipping its classic arches upside-down to resemble the letter "W."

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