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Legal expert argues that Mike Pence must be impeached if Trump goes down

Two of the impeachable offenses of which President Donald Trump has been accused — colluding with Russian political interference and working with Michael Cohen to violate campaign finance laws — would directly imply that he was elected as a result of fraud. And according to law professor Michael Glennon of Tufts University, this means that if Trump does get impeached for these alleged high crimes, Vice President Mike Pence must go down as well.

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Illegal and Unconstitutional: Kellyanne Conway's Husband Just Co-Authored a Blistering Op-Ed Denouncing Trump's Latest Attack on Mueller

This has been a week of political bombshells in the United States. No sooner had Republicans lost the House of Representatives to Democrats and increased their majority in the U.S. Senate on November 6 has President Donald Trump, the following day, fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him with Matthew Whitaker—who was Sessions’ chief of staff in the Justice Department.

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President Trump Can't Be Indicted? Michael Avenatti Wants to Test that Theory

Can President Donald Trump — or any president, really — be indicted? We know, for a fact, that he could be — but the real question is whether that indictment would hold up to constitutional scrutiny.

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Here's What the 25th Amendment Says About Presidents Who Are ‘Unable’ to Serve

A stunning, unsigned op-ed in The New York Times reported on Sept. 5 that members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet discussed removing him from power by using the 25th Amendment, but decided against it to avoid causing a “constitutional crisis.”

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Paul Krugman Warns Republicans Will 'Destroy the Legitimacy' of the Supreme Court by Confirming Kavanaugh

Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Senate hearings are not going smoothly, but most observers think he's destined to get confirmed by the GOP-dominated chamber regardless. And in Paul Krugman's estimation, that result is a serious threat to the legitimacy of one of the country's most central institutions.

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Understanding the 25th Amendment and How It Applies to President Trump

Commentaries that are critical of Donald Trump’s presidency are not hard to find in the New York Times and other publications—and while many are written by liberals or progressives, some are written by right-wing critics of the president such S.E. Cupp, neocon Max Boot and Washington Times columnist Jennifer Rubin. But on Tuesday, August 5, the New York Times published something that was much more damning than the usual anti-Trump commentaries: an anonymous anti-Trump op-ed that was written by someone the Times described as “a senior official in the Trump Administration.”

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'Constitutional Malpractice': Conservative Writer Argues Kavanaugh's Shameful Answer on Presidential Self-Pardons Is Disqualifying

As Judge Brett Kavanaugh strives for a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States, he whiffed on a pertinent constitutional question of major importance — on the pressing issue of whether a president can pardon himself.

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Constitutional Scholar Explains What the Founders Would Have Thought of Impeaching Trump

Impeachment of President Donald Trump has now become a serious topic of discussion among mainstream and even conservative pundits, and many observers are looking to historical precedents to make the case for and against removing him from office.

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CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin: It's a 'Virtual Certainty' Trump Would Be Indicted Were He Not President

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin made the stupefying claim Tuesday night that President Donald Trump almost certainly would have been indicted today along with the case against his former attorney Michael Cohen — were he not president of the United States.

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Mueller Should Subpoena Trump to Trigger Constitutional Showdown: Republicans for the Rule of Law Adviser

A USA Today opinion piece by Chris Truax is suggesting special counsel Robert Mueller should subpoena President Donald Trump rather than negotiating for a voluntary interview.

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