Zoe Williams

Is Disney Box Office Smash 'Beauty and the Beast' a Work of Fraudulent Feminism?

Beauty and the Beast was billed as a great feminist retelling of a fundamentally regressive fairytale. It was so feminist that Emma Watson, its eponymous Beauty, has been pilloried on social media for the hypocrisy of such unfeminist acts as having breasts and being attractive. This, naturally, rallies the right-thinking sister to Watson’s defence, and thence to defend and applaud the entire film. But is this a trap? How feminist is it really? I dunked it in some water to see if it would drown (this witchcraft analogy does not stand up to close scrutiny, move on).

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Why Have Children? You Asked Google – Here’s the Answer

People who don’t have children often allude to, or openly voice, the idea that other people – society, the world, their parents – think they’re selfish. Apparently this view does exist, as illustrated by the story of Holly, who told BBC news that she never wanted children and got the kind of abuse on social media normally reserved for people who leave dogs in hot cars.

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Is There Such A Thing As Ethical Porn?

They mainly call it ethical porn, though some people call it “fair trade”. The term “free range” was essayed, but its agricultural connotations have proved too strong. “It’s the kind of porn you would buy in Waitrose,” is how D, 40, described it. He is one of the boyfriends and sometime co-star ofPandora Blake, 29, who runs a site called Dreams Of Spanking.

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George Lakoff on Communication: "Liberals Do Everything Wrong"

"The progressive mindset is screwing up the world. The progressive mindset is guaranteeing no progress on global warming. The progressive mindset is saying, 'Yes, fracking is fine.' The progressive mindset is saying, 'Yes, genetically modified organisms are OK', when, in fact, they're horrible, and the progressive mindset doesn't know how to describe how horrible they are. There's a difference between progressive morality, which is great, and the progressive mindset, which is half OK and half awful."

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10 Hardest Things About Being Insanely Rich

1. The shame

According to Nigel Nicholson, a psychologist at the London Business School, you may feel overwhelmed with feelings of guilt that others don't have as much as you, or paranoia that others envy you. This is known as "rich man's burden" – it sometimes leads to panic reactions, like philanthropic urges, which business school psychologists (who knew?) can teach you how to overcome with relaxing exercises.

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