Zen Honeycutt

Popular Beer and Wine Brands Contaminated With Monsanto's Weedkiller, Tests Reveal

The past few years have revealed some disturbing news for the alcohol industry. In 2015, CBS news broke the announcement of a lawsuit against 31 brands of wines for high levels of inorganic arsenic. In 2016, beer testing in Germany also revealed residues of glyphosate in every single sample tested, even independent beers. Moms Across America released test results of 12 California wines that were all found to be positive for glyphosate in 2016. We tested further and released new findings last week of glyphosate in all of the most popular brands of wines in the world, the majority of which are from the U.S., and in batch test results in American beer.

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Could Toxic Food and Medications Be Contributing to School Shootings?

There have been more than 1,600 mass shootings since Sandy Hook. This month’s massacre in Parkland, Florida was one of the worst. Each time I hear about another tragedy, I cannot help but wonder, what did the shooter eat? Was he on SSRIs or psychiatric drugs?

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Have the 'Food Evolution' Filmmakers Mistreated Moms?

The trailer of the new documentary "Food Evolution," which negatively portrays both me and the organic food movement, fails to acknowledge the reality of American mothers. Our families are sick and struggling. And yet, when we remove GMOs and related toxins from our diet, we get better. The trailer implies that the movie will focus on the so-called noble promises of GMOs, yet fails to present reality in a noble manner.

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California Is Risking Public Health by Improperly Assessing Safety of Monsanto Herbicide

As a California mother, I am encouraged that the CalEPA Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is even considering the "safe levels" of glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world. However, I was dismayed to learn the disturbing news that was revealed at the OEHHA public hearing I attended this week in Sacramento regarding the proposed "No Significant Risk Level” or NSRL for glyphosate exposure.       

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Monsanto Caught Warning EPA About Activists

Recent news is revealing to the mainstream public that Monsanto has been covering up the carcinogenic effects of its best-selling glyphosate-based herbicides such as Roundup. Congressman Ted Lieu has called for a congressional hearing on glyphosate and the possible collusion. 

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America's Largest Pension Fund Has Dumped a Fortune Into Monsanto Stock

I was recently informed by a former California public health employee, that CalPERS, the state's pension and health care fund, the largest in the nation, has invested $136 million in Monsanto.  

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