Zaid Jilani

Right-Wing Hysteria Explodes as American Mosques Face Angry Protests and Hate Over Past Week

Since the attacks in Paris, Islamophobia has increased in the European Union, with a 300 percent increase in hate attacks against Muslims in the United Kingdom. But this wave of hate is also taking place on the other side of the Atlantic, in the U.S.

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Early State Republican Primary Voters Want A Ground War Against ISIS

The attacks in Paris are being exploited to gin up more war fever. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a GOP presidential candidate, appeared on Fox News Sunday and spoke of the “political advantage” that the Paris attacks will give the Republicans.

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Refugee Paranoia Sweeps U.S. as House of Reps Votes to Freeze Refugee Intake

Following the attacks in Paris, though none of the confirmed attackers were found to be Syrian—let alone Syrian refugees—racist paranoia has swept the United States.

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Eastern European Leaders Dangerously Crank Up Hate Machine Against Muslims

Eastern Europe, once under the “Iron Curtain” of the Soviet Union, is reviving its authoritarian ways to deal not only with the flow of refugees but with the Muslim populations already within its borders.

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Donald Trump Won't Rule Out Special ID Cards For Muslim Americans

Yahoo News interviewed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka this week. Among other things, Trump discussed his plans for responding to terrorism by targeting America's 3 million Muslim Americans.

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Of 745,000 Refugees Admitted Post-9/11, Only Two Were Charged With Terrorism-Related Crimes

In a theatrical display of bigotry, over 20 governors declared this week that they would impede the settlement of Syrian refugees in their states (something they can't actually do). 

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It Will Be Extremely Difficult for Hillary to Say No to Wall Street

The highlight of Saturday night's Democratic debate was when former Secretary Clinton invoked the September 11 attacks to try to defend her courting of Wall Street donors. The awkward defense of her political ties even spawned a rare New York Times editorial criticizing Clinton.

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Inside the Bizarre Right-Wing Political Correctness Movement That Threatens Free Speech

Raucous protests at the University of Missouri, Ithaca College and Yale have highlighted the tension between students who desire a tolerant campus and the American value of free speech.

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Poll Shocker: Bernie Sanders Leads Trump and Bush by Double Digits

When Bernie Sanders announced his campaign for the presidency, many wondered whether a democratic socialist could really gain traction in a political system hostile to the left. After nearly six months on the campaign trail, it appears that his campaign has gained enough steam to make the candidate a viable presidential contender.

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New Research Shows Schools With More Black Students (Not More Crime) Get More Cops

Two professors, Tim Servoss, professor of psychology at Canisius College in New York, and education professor Jeremy Finn at the State University of New York at Buffalo, have performed research they plan to present in full in spring showing that the prevalence of police in schools correlates to the number of black students in those schools.

Their research, previewed to Talking Points Memo, looks at the presence of school-based security, often referred to as school resource officers (SROs). In their study, they controlled for the presence of neighborhood crime and school misconduct and still found that the presence of African American children is the major factory in a school's decision to deploy SROs.

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