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Six Cops Who Shot 137 Rounds at Unarmed Couple Fired, But Can Still Work as Cops

Six of the Cleveland police officers involved in the 137-shot, execution-style fusillade that killed an unarmed couple, have become “gypsy cops” eligible to be hired by other departments — which is to say they have been terminated without facing criminal prosecution. Six others have been given suspensions ranging from 21 to 30 days, and a 13th has been fired, reports ABC News.

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Cop Gets 'Paid Vacation' After Taking to Facebook to Attack Mother of Child Murdered by Police

Matt Cicero, a “mobile patrol officer” employed in the Cleveland school district where Tamir Rice was a student has been placed on paid vacation (officially called administrative leave) after publishing a Facebook post in which he denigrated the victim of a police killing, insulted his grieving mother, criticized the family’s decision to pursue a lawsuit, and most seriously, expressed a clear intent to kill other children should he find himself in similar circumstances.

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Hero Security Guard Defuses Hostage Situation Only to Be Fatally Shot by Late Arriving Cops

Douglas County, GA — Bobby Daniels was a peace officer by trade – a private security guard employed at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. When he learned that his emotionally troubled 25-year-old son Bias had suffered a breakdown and was holding a fellow security guard at gunpoint in a mobile home part in Douglasville, Bobby raced to the scene. Using the skills of persuasion and patient de-escalation upon which a private peace officer must rely, Bobby persuaded his son to relinquish his handgun and place it on the hood of a car.

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Only Cop Charged in Raid That Maimed Baby Is Acquitted: Police Blame Family

“How is America going to justify this?" Bounkham Phonesavankh asked after a federal jury in Georgia acquitted the former sheriff’s deputy whose perjured affidavit precipitated a SWAT raid that nearly cost the life of his 19-month-old son.

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Politician Who Profits from Mass Incarceration, Only One to Vote Down Legal Pot

If you’re a homeless person in Wichita, Kansas, City Councilman Pete Meitzner and his associates at The Lord’s Diner will feed you. If you’re caught with a joint and locked up at the Sedgwick County Detention Facility, Meitzner and his political associates will feast on you – and any relatives who try to call you while you’re incarcerated.

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Police Chief Gets $260K Golden Parachute After Covering Up His Own Drunken Hit and Run

South Bound Brook, NJ — In yet another of the endless illustration of the fact that police and their political cronies constitute the American equivalent of the Soviet nomenklatura, a police chief who was involved in a drunken hit-and-run collision last Spring, then lied and obstructed the investigation, will not only escape criminal charges, but will be given a severance package of $260,000 in accumulated salary and benefits — which will include a retroactive increase of his 2015 salary to nearly $150,000.

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Cops Fighting Mandatory Drug Tests - Claim It’s ‘Unconstitutional’ to Screen Police Urine

In an unprecedented protest against the routine offenses against due process and bodily integrity carried out in the name of the “war on drugs,” the union representing Pittsburgh police officers has condemned workplace drug and alcohol testing as a violation of the Constitution. Their zeal for the right to privacy only applies to themselves, however, not to the public they supposedly serve.

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DA Says Cop Was 'Justified' in Pummeling Man for His 'Foul Mouth'

Deputy Thomas Ford of the Denver Sheriff’s Department, who was fired in August 2014 for excessive force after slugging a drunken, foul-mouthed prisoner, will be reinstated to his job, thanks to a decision by the Career Service Board.

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Deputy Who Killed Rancher for Helping Police Says He Can’t Wait to Get Back to Work

Adams County, ID — Brian J. Wood, one of the two Adams County, Idaho deputies involved in the November 1 killing of rancher Jack Yantis, told his father that he “totally intends to go back to work,” reports the Idaho Statesman newspaper. Wood was hired by Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman on June 27, 2013, roughly a year and a half after being terminated by the McCall Police Department following an incident in which he body-slammed a 78-year-old heart patient named Rodney Whaley.

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