Tom O'Connor

Impeaching Trump Is America’s Favorite Solution: Poll

Most people in a new survey said the best response to Donald Trump’s actions while president would be to impeach him or otherwise remove him from office. Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies and research marketing firm Harris Insights and Analytics this week published the results of their monthly national poll, in which respondents were…

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The Oscar-Winning Syrian White Helmets Star in Their Most Sickening Atrocity Video Yet

A volunteer rescue group in Syria that is the subject of an Academy Award-winning film has fired one of its members after he was caught handling the corpses of fighters who support the Syrian government.

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American Businesses Kill 14 Workers Every Day as the Corporate Media Yawn

It’s been a very bad couple of months for worker safety: Seven dead in Anacortes, Washington, following the explosion of the Tesoro refinery. Six dead in Middletown, Connecticut, in the Kleen Energy power plant explosion. Twenty-nine dead in West Virginia’s Upper Big Branch mine disaster. And 11 dead in the Gulf of Mexico oil rig collapse (a fact almost completely overlooked in media coverage of the spill’s environmental consequences).

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