Tom Jacobs

How Being Lazy Can Help You Lose Weight

Social critics fret that Americans are growing fat and lazy. Well, newly published research suggests we may be able to combat our obesity problem by tapping into our inherent unwillingness to get up off of our butts.

It finds choosing a healthy or unhealthy snack may come down to which of them is nearest to our fingertips. St. Bonaventure University researchers Gregory Privitera and Faris Zuraikat report that, if placed within easy reach, people will eat more of a low-calorie treat, “even in a competitive food environment in which a preferred, higher calorie food is also made available.”

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Hate Kills: How Homophobia Takes Years Off of Your Life

This article originally appeared at Pacific Standard, and is reprinted here with their permission.

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Losing Weight? That May Not Mean You’re Any Healthier

Why do we go on diets, anyway? Two answers immediately come to mind: To look better, and to be in better health.

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Eerie and Depressing -- Why Ordering a Big Mac Comes With a Side of Impatience

Are you feeling impatient right now? Do you find it difficult to slow down long enough to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as a sunset or a beautiful piece of music?

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Is Your Neighborhood Red or Blue? Americans Are Increasingly Segregating Themselves in Ideological Enclaves

This piece originally appeared on Pacific Standard.

Pacific StandardDoes your next-door neighbor vote the same way you do? How about the couple who live across the street, or your friends on the next block?

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Only a Few Weeks of Mindfulness Training Boosts Test Scores for Memory and Reading Comprehension

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Experiment Shows How Facebook Can Spread Racist Thoughts

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Study: Recent Elections Show a Strong Link Between Racism and Political Preference

As he looks back on his first term, President Barack Obama can take satisfaction from a series of significant accomplishments. But according to a new analysis by a Brown University political scientist, his rise to power has also produced a less-welcome result: A renewed alignment between political preference and “old-fashioned racism.”

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