Thomas Neuburger

On February 6 Antarctica was warmer than Orlando. Here's why I support only Sanders

The climate news out of Antarctica isn't good. As Vice News put it on February 7, "Good Morning. It's 65 Degrees in Antarctica. That's warmer than Orlando today."

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Bernie Sanders' plan to legalize marijuana does more than just legalize marijuana

"Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did."

—John Ehrlichman, Chief Domestic Advisor for Richard Nixon

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Reminder: DNC lawyers told the court they do not owe voters an 'impartial' or 'evenhanded' primary election

This is your periodic reminder that the "Democratic Party" is not an organization that Democratic voters belong to or have any right to control. The Democratic Party is instead a private organization, much like a club, that non-members support by giving it their money, their time and their votes. (The same is true of the "Republican Party.) All other "rights" and promises offered by the Party to its supporters, including those obligations described in the DNC charter, are not obligations at all, but voluntary gifts that can be withdrawn at any time.

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Here are 4 ways to expand the US Supreme Court

The second point ... about the illusion of the Court's legitimacy, is just as important as the first. If the Court were ever widely seen as acting outside the bounds of its mandate, or worse, seen as a partisan, captured organ of a powerful and dangerous political minority (which it certainly is), all of its decisions would be rejected by the people at large, and more importantly, the nation would plunged into a constitutional crisis of monumental proportions. We are in that crisis now, but just at the start of it.

— From "Anthony Kennedy and Our Delayed Constitutional Crisis")

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Ukrainian prosecutors say they have evidence of election interference on behalf of the Democrats — and claim Trump's DOJ doesn't care

Wheels within wheels. This is from longtime investigative reporter John Solomon, writing in The Hill (emphasis mine throughout):

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Medicare for All poses a crucial test for the Democrats in 2020

The next two years will present multiple tests of the soul of the Democratic Party, just as have the last 10 years. But two of those tests have "high profile" written all over them. The outcome of these tests could determine the Party's future, and consequently the nation's, in the 2020 presidential election.

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This is the Kavanaugh Confirmation Endgame

It looks like the last cat is out of the bag.

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Democrats Must Release All 'Committee Confidential' Kavanaugh Documents - Now

Under Democratic pressure, Republicans have given almost 200,000 pages of Brett Kavanaugh documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but they have not released them to the public. These documents cover, at a minimum, his long period of service in the Bush administration. Whatever else is contained in them is unknown.

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How Democrats Could Thwart Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Nomination

The resignation of Justice Anthony Kennedy set fire to the political world. It hands Republicans a second straight Supreme Court nomination, threatens numerous important judicial precedents and foreshadows a world of pro-corporate, anti-civil liberties “rule from the bench” lasting well into the next generation. When the president nominated the radical rightwing jurist Brett Kavanaugh to replace him, those threats became real and Democrats were put in a bind.

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