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Why America's Incarcerated Have Launched the Largest Prison Strike in Recent History

On Sept. 9, prisoners around the country staged a coordinated strike to mark the 45th anniversary of the bloody uprising at Attica prison in New York. According to strike organizers, more than 24,000 inmates in at least 12 states did not show up for work that day, and protests are ongoing in a handful of places. In Alabama, where the national strike originated, corrections officers joined the strike by not showing up to work this weekend, officials confirmed.

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The Death Penalty Case Where Prosecutors Wrote the Judge's 'Opinion'

When judges make a decision—especially in a death penalty case—we’d like to think they weigh all sides, consider the law and come to a measured, independent conclusion. Not so in Alabama, where a judge’s shortcut in the case of Doyle Lee Hamm has shown how often the state makes a mockery of the appeals process.

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13 Important Questions About Criminal Justice We Can't Answer

A few weeks ago, the White House trumpeted the progress of its Police Data Initiative. The nearly one-year-old project prods local cops to publish data on their operations in a bid to increase transparency and build trust with the communities they police.

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What You Need to Know About the Private Prison Phase-Out

The Justice Department announced plans Thursday to phase out the use of privately-run federal prisons. The announcement, first reported by the Washington Post, came as a memo written by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. 

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