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Is Racism Worse in the Age of Obama?

There are plenty of downsides to racism, but the biggest is perhaps the fear and paranoia it instills in those who have experienced it or seen it up close and personal.

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5 Foods With Way More Calories That You Think

new study reveals that the calories listed by restaurants on their menus are mostly off. The soup or salad you're eating because it's a "healthy" choice, may have 100 to 275 more calories than the restaurant says.

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5 Tips to Stretch Your Holiday Dollars

Many people find themselves strapped for cash around the holidays. With dinner parties, gift giving and travel expenses, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years can be the most expensive time of the year. If you plan now, you can help cover your holiday costs without going into debt. Here are some tried and true tips to earn a few extra bucks.

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Has There Been an Obama Effect in the Fashion Industry?

I've written before about the myriad of hopes and expectations many of us placed on President Obama's shoulders following his election. Our wish list ran the gamut from the policy arena -- will he save the economy -- to the arena of race. This perhaps, more than any other is the domain in which our expectations were the most unrealistic and unfair both to him, and to ourselves. After all, he's not a genie in a bottle granting wishes and you can't solve three centuries of tragedy and conflict in one presidential administration. But that didn't stop many of us from wishing nonetheless. Would we begin to see more black elected officials? Would we begin to see more black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies? Would we see more black boys embrace education as a more viable path to success than the NBA? The answer to all of the above, so far, unfortunately appears to be no.* But one area in which "The Obama Effect" just might be having an affect is the world of fashion.

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Glenn Beck Outdoes David Duke With Shameless Race Baiting

“It’s like the damn Planet of the Apes. Nothing Makes Sense,” said Fox News Glenn Beck in a recent rant against President Obama and the America he has created. It was one of the angriest and most thinly veiled racist rants in recent history but simply a continuation of his general theme.

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The GOP Fights to Make African-Americans Sicker and Poorer

Here’s just a sampling of the sorry state of black health in America from Kaiser’s Key Facts: Race, Ethnicity & Medical Care. People living in poverty are more likely to report being in only Fair or Poor health. Regardless of education, African Americans lead the nation in infant mortality. African American men and women have highest death rate due to heart disease. African Americans even lead in death rates by breast cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Twenty-three percent of working African Americans are uninsured.

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Top 12 Racist Politicians of Modern History

1. Jesse Helms, Unabashed Racist

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Is it Worse to Be a Racist or a Rapist? What Gibson and Polanski Teach Us

Last week we all watched as what was left of Mel Gibson's career died, along with his longtime agent, legendary talent rep Ed Limato. Following Limato's death it was announced that Gibson had been dropped by the agency that represents him, powerhouse firm William Morris Endeavor. Though his spokesperson tried to spin the news -- "At this point he doesn't seem to be in need of an agent" -- anyone could see what's what, namely that no matter how talented you are, there are some things that even Hollywood won't tolerate. The question the Mel Gibson case raises is just what that is.

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6 Ways to Lower Your Debt Without Getting Ripped Off

Clearly, some debt settlement companies engage in fraudulent, deceptive, and abusive practices that pose a risk to consumers, according to a federal investigation of the industry. In its investigation, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that some debt settlement companies provided fraudulent, deceptive, or questionable information to its consumers, such as claiming unusually high success rates for their programs – as high as 100 percent. However, the Federal Trade Commission and state investigations have typically found that less than 10 percent of consumers successfully complete these programs.

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