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Trump Administration Mulls More Secrecy on Drone Strikes

The Trump administration is considering overturning a key Obama-era policy which sought to make counter-terrorism operations more transparent, even as it ramps them up.

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Big Pharma's Pollution Is Creating Deadly Superbugs While the World Looks the Other Way

Industrial pollution from Indian pharmaceutical companies making medicines for nearly all the world’s major drug companies is fuelling the creation of deadly superbugs, suggests new research. Global health authorities have no regulations in place to stop this happening.

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How Many Civilians Have Been Killed By Drones? The U.S. Refuses to Say

A report by a UN expert urges the US to ‘release its own data on the level of civilian casualties’ caused by drone strikes and attacks the lack of transparency surrounding CIA and US special forces drone operations.

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Terrorism by Drone: How U.S. Bombing Makes Pakistani Civilians Endure a Living Hell

The near constant presence of CIA drones ‘terrorises’ much of the civilian population of Pakistan’s tribal areas according to a new report.

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How CNN Analyst Peter Bergen is Misleading the Public On Killer Drones

Following recent revelations by the New York Times that all military-aged males in Waziristan are considered fair game by the CIA in its drone strikes, many US journalists have been reassessing how they report on deaths in the attacks.

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