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The Unjust Law Enforcment Money Machine that Is Civil Asset Forfeiture

Every year in the United States, federal and state law enforcement agencies seize millions of dollars in cash and prizes (sorry, I couldn’t resist) from civilians during traffic stops and drug raids.

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Washington's First Legal Pot Purchaser Is Fired After a Drug Test - Then Rehired

It was recently reported that Washington’s first recreational marijuana-purchaser was sacked from his job due to being seen on the local news purchasing a sack [of marijuana]. Well, what a difference a day can make, indeed, because Mike Boyer, Spokane Green Leaf’s first customer, was hired back by the very employer that fired him for failing a pop pee test.

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Investors Warned About Shady Pot Stocks

There are medical marijuana businesses in Canada that have solid plans to grow and sell medical cannabis.

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Whoopi Goldberg Claims Using Marijuana Changed Her Life

The outspoken comedian, actress, talk show host, and now marijuana-columnist Whoopi Goldberg has penned her first article for the newly launched marijuana-related website The Cannabist. And in said article, she claims that consuming THC via pen-style vaporizers has “changed” her life.

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The Majority of American Medical Doctors Think Marijuana Should be Legal

Sorry, CNN super-doc Sanjay Gupta. But it looks like you’re not that special anymore.

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The 420 Myth: How Did '420' Become Synonymous with Pot?

The following article first appeared in The 420 Times

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Drug-Sniffing Dogs Continue to Falsely Accuse

The following article first appeared in The 420 Times:

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Why Can’t Hemp Get You High?

The domestic and industrial use of the hemp plant dates back as far as 8000 BCE when hemp cord was used to create pottery. Even today more than 30 countries throughout the world cultivate the plant in order to process its beneficial fiber and seeds.

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