Why All Ed Reform Fails

The complexity, scale, and importance of school reform is mesmerizing. In fact, this scale often ends up obscuring solutions; as a single idea, “school reform” offers such immensity—and so many distracting particulars–that the whole is missed for the part.

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How to Kill Student Curiosity in 12 Easy Steps

Each year, it seems, our school systems commit themselves ever more profoundly to the corrosive idea that test scores and “instruction” – not learning” – must be prized above all. Amongst incredible pressure from government and district agencies, a drive to keep up with rapid technology change, and the need to bridge cultural chasms in the classroom, many teachers are finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place: their own understanding that personalized (rather than standardized) learning is what a great education should be about, and the reality that such an approach would often lead them into “dangerous” waters, where students might begin to think for themselves and ask difficult questions – rather than simply be able to check the right box on an all-important test.

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