Suzanne McGee

Want to Lower Your Child's College Bill? Tell Them to Live at Home

Next time you open that eye-watering college bill, don’t blame those “greedy” professors. Blame the catering.

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Private Jets and Cushy Dorms: Colleges Indulge the 1% as Inequality Deepens

For [high school] seniors, spring brings college acceptance letters – and financial aid packages, full of forms to fill out. For [high school] juniors, it’s the season to visit those institutions they dream of attending 18 months from now, to talk to admissions officials and tour the campuses.

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The Wealthy Give Less Back to Society. Let Us Count the Ways.

Which demographic group responded to the financial crisis by giving less money to charity? Pick one:

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Thinking of Trying to Make Money Off Airbnb or Uber? Read This First

Joining the sharing economy as a provider of services – accommodation, transportation or whatever else the market calls for – gives you a chance to make money while being part of a “movement”. It sounds tremendously appealing, doesn’t it?

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