Susan Cosier

Wild Buffalo Roam East of the Mississippi for First Time Since 1830s

When David Crites walked out of his apartment last month, he was greeted by a line of six or so bison standing shoulder to shoulder in the front yard. He sidled over to his truck, staring at the huge animals, slipped into the front seat, then closed the door and turned on the ignition. As the pickup slowly made its way down the driveway, the bison lumbered alongside.

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How the Windy City Became Pea Soup City

Foggy and cool, Chicago felt more like San Francisco this June. From the view below, the Sears, er, Willis Tower looked on many occasions as if had been cut in half by fog. And the likely reason for this soupy scene? The polar vortex. Yep, the weather pattern that froze Midwesterners in their tracks earlier this year is now delaying summer’s start.

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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I Don’t Want No Scrub

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