Susan Bird

China Is Cloning Gene-Edited Beagles for Lab Testing

His name is Longlong, and he was created to develop a debilitating illness. He’ll live his life in a Chinese laboratory.

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Elephant Calf Dies a Day After Villagers Take Selfies With Him (Video)

Oh yes, prepare yourself—it’s another animal selfie death story. This one happened near India’s Omkar Forest Range in the Bandipur Forest Reserve. This time a baby elephant was the unfortunate victim of human stupidity.

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13 States Gang Up on Massachusetts to Stop Law Banning Cruel Confinement of Animals Raised for Food

Massachusetts law states that, by 2022, producers of eggs, pork and veal farmed or sold in the state must come from chickens, pigs and calves that have not been confined “in a cruel manner.” And that’s an exciting development for animal welfare.

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