Trump is losing support among white women

Donald Trump won election in 2016 because a majority of white women voted for him:

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Kamala Harris picks the moderate, technocrat lane

There are at least two kinds of Democrats:

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Bernie delivers perfect response to interviewer saying Trump was planning 'just a limited strike' on Iran

Bernie was on Face The Nation earlier today, the entire interview and transcript are here, but this little clip is really worth watching.

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US ambassador to Israel says it has 'right' to annex West Bank

Israel has a right to annex at least some, but “unlikely all,” of the West Bank, the United States ambassador, David M. Friedman, said in an interview, opening the door to American acceptance of what would be an enormously provocative act.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to begin annexing Jewish settlements in the West Bank, a move that would violate international law and could be a fatal blow to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Reps. Omar and Tlaib condemn torture, beheading of protesters by Saudi regime

The Saudi regime led by Jared Kushner’s good friend MbS has carried out a mass execution of protesters.

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Trump and Republicans applaud Navy SEAL accused of war crimes

Trump has spent much of his life displaying a rich boy’s disdain for the law. Many Republicans are eager to do the same. In this case, for a Navy SEAL accused of serious war crimes

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'This puts me in danger every time': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar call out GOP and Fox News for inciting violence

Here’s an example of a college Republicans group calling AOC a Domestic terrorist.

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They don't want you to ask where New Zealand attacker was radicalized

We all know. But it is remarkable that every right-wing provocateur has come out today to demand that we ignore where this man got his hateful ideas from. And of course, their gaslighting is wrapped up in virtue signaling, “starve them of attention” they say, just as they peddle the hate that fuels these attacks.

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Nancy Pelosi's power broach: House Speaker wore a subtle yet resolute symbol of authority during Trump's State of the Union

Notice that rather large brooch on Speaker Pelosi’s lapel? If you’re wondering what that is, you’re not alone.

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