Steve Nelson

Enough With the Metrics: Why I Want Education 'Reformers'' Hands off My Granddaughter's Schooling

My granddaughter Maddie is five and just started kindergarten. She loves her doll Molly, her several kitchens, her playhouse, her little brother, her parents, her grandparents and lots of other people and things. She is an energetic, curious and loving child.

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National Assessment of No Educational Progress

Imagine an athlete training for the Olympic decathlon. The young man had been told that success would come by training specifically and constantly for the 100-meter dash and 110-meter hurdles. He did what he was told.

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Want to Reform Education? Let Teachers Teach

Assessment may be the most damaging concept in contemporary education debate.

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The Traditional System of College Admissions Is Inequitable, Deeply Biased and Unfair

Several weeks ago a number of organizations joined in a lawsuit against Harvard University, claiming that Harvard discriminates against Asian and Asian-American students by setting quotas and/or restricting the number admitted. An Asian-advocacy group called Students for Fair Admission was plaintiff in a similar action last November against Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Do Torture, Shunning, and Humiliation Build Character?

It hasn't been a good [month] for psychologists. Perhaps they should stay out of matters of torture or school policy -- two realms that have far too much overlap these days.

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