Stephen Lacey

5 Important U.S. Energy Stories of 2012

The presidential and congressional elections dominated the American news cycle in 2012. And although climate change took a backseat during the campaign, energy played a surprisingly prominent role.

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Why Climate Change Legislation May Be in the Works

If we see any Congressional action on climate in 2013, it’s likely to come from the Democrat-controlled Senate.

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The Sound of Climate Silence: Romney and Obama Spar Over Who Wants to Drill For More Fossil Fuels During Debate

“The door is closing. I am very worried – if we don’t change direction now on how we use energy, we will end up beyond what scientists tell us is the minimum [for climate safety]. The door will be closed forever.”

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Climate Deniers and Skeptics Get Taken Seriously in American Newspapers... Not So Much by the Rest of the World

America is unique when it comes to giving a platform to climate deniers and skeptics.

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Coal Workers Say Murray Energy 'Coerces' Them to Make GOP Donations: 'If You Don’t Contribute, Your Job's at Stake'

“You’ve got a great boss,” Mitt Romney proclaimed to a crowd of coal miners at a campaign rally in August.

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The Biggest (and Least Discussed) Lie of the Debate

By now, almost every claim and counter-claim from last night’s presidential debate has been picked apart. But there’s one assertion that has received minimal attention in the after-action coverage of the debate — and it was one of the most blatant lies of the night.

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Pew Poll Finds Clean Energy Is A Political Wedge Issue for Republicans

Energy has turned into a contentious campaign issue in 2012, pitting “drill-baby-drill” against “clean energy now.” But multiple polls now make clear that the clean energy issue is a winning one for progressives.

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Enviro and Conservative Anti-Climate Groups Team up on Plan to Cut Subsidies to Reduce Budget

With the Congressional “super committee” set to issue recommendations in November on how to reduce the deficit by $1.2 trillion or more, the clean energy sector will be squarely in the cross-hairs.

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