Steph Sherer

10 Smoke Signals Heralding the End of Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition

A little less than a year ago I wrote an article “10 Reasons Why Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition is about to Go Up in Smoke” for the Huffington Post. While all the points in the article still reign true, I am happy to report that the list is still growing. In fact, there is so much happening on the topic that at times it is hard to keep up. Like the fact that today, Senator Lindsey Graham is holding a hearing on medical cannabis or that national polls show support for medical cannabis at 89% (81% for Republicans).

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10 Reasons Why Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition Is About to Go Up in Smoke

When I first opened the D.C. office for Americans for Safe Access (ASA) in 2006, to bring representation of medical marijuana patients to our nation's capitol, I was told by many it was not worth the effort.  A quick skim of the political landscape back then showed we would be facing a steep slope. Sure, twelve states had passed medical marijuana laws and  80% of Americans supported medical cannabis access, but the federal government refused to admit that medical cannabis patients existed.  The talking points from federal agencies were always “there is no such thing as medical marijuana,” and most members of Congress were paralyzed by fears of backlash or were dug into to refer madness.

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Masked Cops Raid Home of Terminally Ill Medical Marijuana Patient

Earlier this week, while more than 200 citizen lobbyists were meeting face-to-face with their Congressional legislators in Washington, D.C. to change federal policy on medical cannabis, a series of events occurred in Florida, making that state the next political battleground on this issue.

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