Stacy Bannerman

The Game-Changing Foreign Policy the Resistance Movement Needs Immediately

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented social, political and environmental crisis that will require us to change everything. Including the one thing we won’t discuss: war.

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Is This the 'New Normal' We Want?

I lived with a military version of the “new normal” when my husband came back from Iraq with severe combat trauma, and there was nothing normal about it. Those years were defined by fear, insecurity, lies, violence, and crystal meth. I shudder at the fact that much of this country has tacitly accepted the Trump era as the new normal. When I hear climate scientists say the heat records of recent years will become the new normal within a decade or so,  I realize just how bad it will be. Anyone who’s been told to normalize highly abnormal and potentially lethal conditions has a gut-level understanding that new normal is a dog whistle for hell.

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Why It's Paramount to Hold George W. Bush Accountable for His Crimes as Trump Walks into the Oval Office

While much of the country was trying to figure out how the Donald had become president-elect, CodePink was convening an event with the potential to change the culture that created a Trump-sized hole in the White House. Because really, how could he not have been elected? In an increasingly careless, narcissistic, no-accountability nation, the electoral slide to this crass man who has never been held accountable for his lies, his bottom-feeder language, his lack of ethics, and potentially illegal business dealings was virtually inevitable. We lowered the political bar to the point where even Trump could clear it when we allowed Bush, Cheney & Co. to instigate an illegal war in Iraq. 

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'He Carried the Ghosts of the Casualties of War': The Terrible Pain After You Come Home

I was sitting in the front seat of an Ashland police car about this time last year, giving the officer my former husband’s license plate number when I got the call.

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When My Husband Signed Up for War, Our Whole Family Was Drafted - And Wounded

The following is an excerpt from the new book  Homefront 911; How Families of Veterans Are Wounded By Our Wars  by Stacy Bannerman (Arcade Publishing, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., 2015):

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