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Fringe Racists, Conspiracy Theorists Make Bids for Office

In Tennessee, Rick Tyler, an independent candidate for the state’s 3rd Congressional District, put up a billboard that read, “Make America White Again,” and specifically credited Donald Trump for “loosen[ing] up the overall spectrum of political discourse.” According to Raw Story, he also planned another billboard, this one reading, “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be miscegenators.”

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12 Women Who Are Leading Right-Wing America's Crusade Against Muslims and Arabs

When two apparent Muslim radicals attacked a Muhammad cartoon contest in a Dallas suburb this May, a national spotlight was focused on the group that hosted the provocative event — the American Freedom Defense Initiative, whose leader is Pamela Geller, the country’s most flamboyant and visible Muslim-basher.

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Inside an Extreme Right-Wing Movement to Create a Judicial Alternate Universe

A retired carpenter from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., by way of the Bronx, longs to be the Johnny Appleseed of the so-called “common-law grand juries” movement — a crusade by extreme-right “sovereign citizens” to create a judicial alternate universe.

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How iTunes Enriches the Underground Racist Music Scene

White power music was in trouble. But then racist bands discovered iTunes, and now they're back in business.

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American Theocrat: Dangerous Former US General Unabashedly Calls Himself God's 'Warrior'

SPARKS, Nev. — Retired three-star general William “Jerry” Boykin is the executive vice president of the anti-LGBT, archconservative Family Research Council, the FRC. He isby in charge of its day-to-day operations, but he is no desk jockey.

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Nicholas Wade's Flawed Book Rewrites the History of Scientific Racism

Nicholas Wade’s new book, A Troublesome Inheritance, is only the latest in a long line of works arguing that humans can be divided into discrete races, and that between those races, there are differences in behavior, temperament, intelligence, and even political and economic structures. Although the specifics of the arguments change, what remains constant is the idea that white people of European descent are inherently smarter, better, more “civilized” than members of other races, especially black Africans and their descendants. Wade’s work is no exception.

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The Disturbing Tale of How a Former Leftist Turned into One of America's Biggest Islamophobes

For David Horowitz, the godfather of the modern anti-Muslim movement, the culture war that began when he was young never ended. Only the target has changed.

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12 Candidates Who Engage in Electoral Extremism

Election years in the United States always bring out a spate of candidates from very different ideological corners, but over the past few years, electoral politics in this country have succumbed to a level of polarization only rarely seen in our history. That situation has facilitated the emergence of would-be political leaders who have links to hate groups or engage in promoting extremism based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or antigovernment conspiracy theories. The typically baseless claims of these candidates range from demonizing propaganda about certain minority groups to the promotion of fantastic conspiracy theories about the federal government’s allegedly evil machinations. What follows are snapshots of a dozen such candidates, including Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, independents and others who are running for political office this fall or who ran earlier in the year.

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How Amazon, PayPal and eBay are Financing Hate

This article originally appeared in Southern Poverty Law Center's Spring 2014 Intelligence Report, and is reprinted here with their permission.

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How Paranoid Local Politicians in Alabama Killed a Development Plan Thinking It Was a U.N. Plot

BAY MINETTE, Ala. – Supporters of smart-growth and anti-sprawl initiatives should study the Battle of Baldwin County.

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