Bill Morlin

This Pond in Montana Could Be the Site of the Next Major Militia Showdown with the Federal Govt

Joseph David Robertson, a 77-year-old retired construction company owner who has battled the federal government for more than a decade, was convicted in April on two counts of unauthorized discharge of pollutants into U.S. waters and a third count of injury or depredation of federal property.

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Sovereign Citizen 'Doctor' Accused of Performing Abortions, Circumcisions and Treating Cancer

Before becoming an antigovernment “sovereign citizen,” Rick Van Thiel worked as a porn star, male escort and sex toy inventor in Las Vegas.

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Anti-Government Right Goes Paranoid Over U.S. Military Training Plan

The U.S. military’s plan to conduct a training exercise this summer across seven states has become the latest hot-button topic for antigovernment conspiracy mongers who are advancing a plethora of wild-eyed theories.

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Court Finds Georgia Militia Leader Guilty of Murdering Pregnant Wife

The leader of a secret, murderous militia group, already serving life in prison for murder, today was found guilty in an Army court of the earlier murder of his wife and their unborn child.

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7,000 Gun-Loving "Patriots" Living in an Walled Citadel Built Around an Arms Factory in Idaho -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

They call it III Citadel, and they say they’ve already lined up “hundreds” of extreme-right gun lovers to join them in the walled city they’re planning for a lonely tract in northern Idaho. The end game, they say, is an ideologically pure settlement of 7,000 “Patriots” built around a huge arms factory.

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Mosque Arsonist: Fox News Made Me Do It!

An Indiana man who pleaded guilty yesterday to setting an Ohio mosque on fire told a judge he was motivated by media accounts – specifically those on Fox News – suggesting Muslims were threatening Americans and were in control of parts of the federal government.

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NYPD Investigating Hate as Possible Motive in Brooklyn Murders

Hate crime detectives in New York City are joining the investigation into three unsolved killings of Brooklyn business owners in the past four months – crimes believed to have been carried out by a serial killer.

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