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Justice Neil Gorsuch says no-one can sue to stop the government from establishing religion

Theocrat Gorsuch says no American can challenge a Christian religious display on government property.

One inherent danger of allowing a religious minority to install a puppet controlled by religious fanatics in the White House is the now unfolding threat of government officially establishing religion – the Christian religion. Any American’s confidence that the U.S. Constitution is a protection against government establishing religion is grossly misplaced and, that belief is about to be disabused by the current religious conservatives responsible for adjudicating the law of the land.

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Judge blocks Trump’s evangelical assault on women in 13 states

Trump’s evangelical cabal are behind Republican attacks on women’s reproductive rights.

With myriad national crises consuming the lion’s share of the news cycles since Trump shutdown the government to impress Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, with valuable assistance from Mitch McConnell, it was easy to miss what should be considered good news for women in 13 states – even if it is only temporary.

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Mormons Claim Utah Marijuana Ballot Initiative Violates Their Religious Freedom

Most thinking individuals likely consider that being forced to comply with or abide by a religious group’s dictates is a violation of their constitutionally protected religious freedom. Unfortunately for Americans, one specific religion and its various subsidiaries believe their religious freedom entails constitutional authority to force other Americans to comply with their religious beliefs. In Utah, that idea of religious freedom is taking an extreme turn toward theocracy.

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Did Mitt Romney Profit From Corruption, Fraud and Racketeering at Bain Capital?

Ed note: this post originally appeared at PoliticusUSA.

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