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Fox's Stuart Varney Flirts With Idea Of Letting Immigrants and Their Children Starve

Fox Business' Stuart Varney flirted with the idea of denying food stamps to undocumented or legal immigrants and their children, asking whether they had "a right" to access those benefits, and even suggested that immigrants were taking advantage of the benefit by falsely claiming they were starving.

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Ryan's Prescription for the Poor: End Anti-Poverty Programs

In his first major economic policy address since he was elevated to the vice presidential spot on the Republican ticket, Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, laid out an agenda fraught with a condescending moralistic attitude toward poor people that has defined the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney.

Government anti-poverty programs Ryan suggested, are bad for the poor because, in his view, they render the poor into a morally bankrupt  and lazy people. “The problem is, starting in the 1960s, this top-down approach created and perpetuated a debilitating culture of dependency, wrecking families and communities,” Ryan told a gathering at Cleveland State University in Ohio on Wednesday.
“The truth is, Mitt and I believe in true compassion and upward mobility – and we are offering a vision based on real reforms for lifting people out of poverty,” Ryan continued.

But Ryan’s promise to the poor seemed to be about as authentic as his campaign stop last week at a soup kitchen, where, without asking permission of the charity’s managers, he donned an apron for the press corps cameras and washed what observers said were already clean pans.

Ryan’s idea of reform is to remove federal oversight from federal poverty alleviation programs, allowing states to spend federal dollars as they see fit. One need only look at Texas, where the state pulled contraceptive access for poor women, to see how well this might work. The other parts of the Ryan/Romney plan seem equally heartless: pulling money from public school systems for “school choice” and ending job-training programs, while cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans. 

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Economists Agree, Cutting Spending Now is Bad for Recovery; Why is Fox Still Lying?

Fox contributor Gary Kaltbaum today said that it's "insane people" who believe that "if you cut spending, it's gonna hurt the economy." In fact, actual economic experts agree that cutting spending during weak economic growth damages recoveries and depresses employment.

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Study: Fox News Viewers Hold More Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino Views

Americans who rely on Fox News or conservative radio as their main sources of information are more likely to have negative views of Latinos and immigrants than those who watch more mainstream outlets. That's according to a new study by the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which found that "[c]onservative talk radio and Fox News audiences hold significantly more anti-immigrant and anti-Latino opinions." NHMC stated that Fox News audiences are "more likely to agree that Latinos are on welfare (56%), take jobs from Americans (43%) and have too many children (42%)."

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