Silpa Kovvali

How to Take 'Bitch' Down: What the New York Times Gets Right and Wrong About the Controversial Word

In an excellent op-ed last week in The New York Times, Andi Zeisler describes Hillary Clinton’s longstanding, often contentious relationship with the word “bitch.” Zeisler notes that no shortage of Trump supporters and unapologetic misogynists have used the word to attack the presidential candidate, but also describes a reclaiming of sorts by Clinton’s supporters. “[T]here’s a whole other group of people embracing and amplifying Mrs. Clinton’s bitchiness,” Ziesler writes. “The person showcased and celebrated in Tumblrs, photo captions and satirical statements from the candidate herself is revolutionary not just for her political stature, but for demonstrating that likability is no longer the heaviest cudgel a woman can wield.”

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Let's Dispense With Political Correctness and Talk Straight: Donald Trump Is a Racist

Wednesday night’s Democratic primary debate was a case of political correctness run amok. Asked point blank whether Donald Trump is a racist, Hillary Clinton refused to employ the term. She was happy to list his offenses – “calling Mexicans rapists,” “trafficking in prejudice and paranoia” – and even noted that he “couldn’t decide whether to disavow the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke.” Yet none of this was enough to earn the label. “I’m not going to engage in the kind of language that he uses,” she said when pressed, drawing a grossly false equivalence between racism and calling racists racist.

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