Scott Timberg

'La La Land' and the Oscars: Why the Movie Attracts Haters

The seven-awards sweep at the Golden Globes has been followed by a 14-nomination sweep at the Academy Awards. A modest, low-budget sorta-musical about jazz and disappointment has now tied “All About Eve” and “Titanic” for receiving the most Oscar nominations ever.

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Don't Bet That Donald Trump Will 'Make Punk Rock Great Again'

For more than a decade now, the musician and writer Amanda Palmer has been one of the brightest talents and one of the most frustrating figures in pop culture. For every great Dresden Dolls song or rousing speech about art in the 21st century, there is some shallow if well-meaning nonsense about how the Internet has set culture-makers free. 

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Don't Be Like Billy Bush: The Way Men Allow Each Other to Talk About Women Matters

For much of the campaign, Donald Trump has been dismissing Hillary Clinton’s descriptions of policy, her governing philosophy, and just about anything else as mere deceptive language. The more eloquently Clinton spoke at the first presidential debate, the more likely Trump was to knock her as just a wordy, blarney-spouting politician. There’s a long populist tradition of Americans not trusting high-blown political rhetoric, but not since the heyday of Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction has language itself been so suspect.

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Promise of 'Westworld': HBO Could Have Its Next Great Show on Its Hands

Not long ago, HBO was considered the most prestigious, most intelligent, most risk-taking network on television. But recent trouble—the low ratings and bad reviews for the $100 million series “Vinyl,” the presumed demise of the once-promising “True Detective” anthology, the likely implosion of two David Fincher productions, delays on a project by Steve McQueen—alongside the indomitable rise of Amazon and Netflix, has HBO in an awkward place. What the network really needs, after all this, is another “Game of Thrones.”

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Steve Earle - Backing Bernie Until He Is Out: Dems Have to Deal with Bernie and Warren at Convention

Nashville songwriter, Townes Van Zandt disciple, and onetime actor on “The Wire” Steve Earle is one of the great ornery figures in alt-country. His latest album,“Colvin and Earle,” is a collaboration with the folkie Shawn Colvin — a short, winning album with a fair bit of rootsy twang. (“Colvin and Earle” also includes four covers, among them songs by Emmylou Harris and the Rolling Stones.)

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Good Riddance to The 'Devil Wears Prada' Economy: It's Not Just Exploitative, It's a Diversity Killer

Is the “Devil Wears Prada” economy coming to a close? Will the sort-of-abusive, round-the-clock, sadistic-boss culture of entry-level jobs in Hollywood, book publishing, fashion magazines, and Washington politics find itself done in by the new overtime rules?

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I Don't Miss Jon Stewart Now: Samantha Bee's Hard-Hitting Political Comedy Just Keeps Getting Better

As viewers continue to voice disappointment about Trevor Noah’s not-terribly political stance on “The Daily Show,” and as unsteady ratings for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” could be leading CBS to take the show in a more conventional direction, political commentary on late-night television is at a strange point. Will Seth Meyers become a great voice on political issues? Can Larry Wilmore keep his ratings from sliding?

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Father of Scientology Leader Goes After Inhumanity of the 'Church' as Controversy Builds Around His Tell-All Book

What’s it like to have a son drift away from you? What’s it like to be virtually imprisoned in an abusive facility? And what’s it like to see a religion you believed in turn into what you feel has become a nasty cult? Those all are things Ron Miscavige describes in his new book, “Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me.” His tale is one of the most extreme examples of “disconnection” – the absolute breaking of ties between a Scientologist and a friend or family member — made even more extreme because the leader of Scientology is the son he raised in the church.

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Why Robert De Niro Is in Over His Head in Controversy Over Anti-Vaxxer Film

It must be hard to run a film festival and have to decide which films to screen. It’s probably a lot of fun as well, but imagine the carping and second-guessing when a certain film is let in, another one isn’t, and people disagree with your judgements. If you’re a celebrity, you become even more of a target.

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Are We Really Supposed to Believe That Apple's Spat Against the Govt Is a Fight to Protect the Freedom of American Citizens?

Over the last few days, a debate has raged about the responsibility of a corporation to national security: Should Apple concede to a federal court order and unlock the phone of San Bernardino mass shooter Syed Farook, which might reveal useful information about the massacre and the Farook’s network?

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