Scott Keyes

How a President Bernie Sanders Could End the Federal Marijuana Ban

When Vermont senator Bernie Sanders called for an end to federal marijuana prohibition last week before an audience of college students, he went further than any major national presidential candidate before him.

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Oregon Shooting Occurred in State That 'Actually Forces Colleges to Allow Guns'

After Thursday’s mass shooting in Oregon – the 45th school shooting in the US this year – that left nine dead, attention has focused on the state’s policy of allowing guns on college campuses.

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Bud and Breakfasts and 420 Tours: Denver Sees a Cannabis 'Gold Rush'

It’s not unusual for 24-year-old Maggie Copeland to have a conversation with her coworkers about pot.

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Congresswoman Spends Night In a Shelter To Learn More About Homelessness

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) spent Friday night away from the comforts of her Bay Area home, instead sleeping in cramped quarters at a local homeless shelter to better understand what life is like on the margins.

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'Occupy' Group Houses Homeless Couple for Christmas - Plans to House More in 'Tiny Houses'

For many couples, the thought of living together in a 96-square-foot house sounds awful. But for Chris Derrick and Betty Ybarra, it’s a Christmas miracle.

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7 Homeless People Freeze to Death in Wealthiest Area of the Country

Joe White was this close to making it.

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State Rep. Smashes Homeless Peoples' Stuff With a Sledgehammer

Much like Batkid, Hawaii has found its own superhero. Except that instead of protecting the powerless from harm, he roams the streets with a sledgehammer and looks for homeless people in order to literally smash their possessions.

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Homeless Man Learning Computer Programming Arrested for Sleeping in Public

A well-known homeless man was arrested this week for sleeping on a New York City park bench, becoming perhaps the most high-profile case of the ongoingcriminalization of homelessness.

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California City To Evict Homeless People From Longtime Dwelling

For years, dozens of poor California residents have set up camp on a landfill in the San Francisco Bay, creating their own small tent community where they could rest their heads in peace.

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South Carolina City Approves Plan to Exile Homeless

Many homeless people in Columbia, South Carolina are facing an arduous choice: vacate downtown or be arrested.

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