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Ha! Voter Suppression Group's Own Slanted Poll Finds Widespread Lack of Concern About Voter Fraud

new poll by a pro-voter suppression group asked 1,000 American adults about the issue of voter fraud in the United States. And despite their arguably slanted question, just 36 percent of those polled agreed with the group’s premise that it is a “major problem.”

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Say What? Civil Rights Act Critic Rand Paul Tapped to Launch African American Outreach Project in Michigan

The Michigan Republican Party will launch its new African American Engagement Office in Detroit next month, aiming to improve on the mere two percent of the vote their presidential nominee received in the city last year. To headline this event, the party has enlisted Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) — though Paul has been an outspoken critic of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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Five Counties Vote to Secede from Colorado

In non-binding referenda Tuesday in Colorado, voters in five counties endorsed secession from the Centennial State. Six more counties rejected proposals to create a 51st state of “North Colorado.”

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Why Ken Cuccinelli Lost the Election in Virginia

By defeating Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli II in the gubernatorial election Tuesday, Virginia voters rejected one of the most openly-right wing politicians in the country. While he at times attempted to downplay his record, Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe (D) repeatedly hammered the point that Cuccinelli was focused on his own agenda of climate change denial, anti-LGBT discrimination, restrictions on women’s reproductive health, steadfast opposition to the Affordable Care Act, and blocking any gun violence reduction efforts.

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How Ken Cuccinnelli's Anti-Sodomy Obsession Could Set Real Sexual Predators Free

Shortly after the Supreme Court rejected Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s (R) effort to revive parts of his state’s anti-sodomy law, Cuccinelli’s office emailed a statement to reporters claiming that prosecutors have been “using this law to protect minors from predatory adults.” The lower court’s decision striking the law, the Attorney General’s office warned, “puts tools prosecutors need to protect children in jeopardy,” adding that nearly 90 “sexual predators” could be deregistered as sex offenders.

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104 Current Congressional Republicans Who Voted to Increase Debt Ceiling Under Bush - Without Hostage Threats

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) reiterated on Sunday that House Republicans would not allow a clean vote to raise the debt limit and ensure the full faith and credit of the United States of America. But while now Congressional Republicans demand everything from the destruction of the Affordable Care Actto a constitutional amendment in exchange for allowing the government to pay for what it has already incurred, many of them made no such demands nine years ago when a Republican was in the White House.

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Huh? Colorado Republican Legislator: Blacks Are Poor Because They Eat Too Much Chicken

In a meeting of the state’s Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force Wednesday, Colorado State Sen. Vicki Marble (R) delivered a long monologue suggesting that the reason for poverty among certain minority groups was that they eat too much chicken and barbecue.

Discussing statistics about racial disparities in the poverty rate, KVDR Denver reports, Marble claimed that the studies ignored drug addiction and poor diets common among Latino- and African-American families.

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GOP Hypocrisy: Three Republicans Who Opposed Sandy Relief Want Federal Aid for AZ Wildfire

Arizona Republicans Sen. Jeff Flake, Sen. John McCain, and Rep. Paul Gosar all voted against emergency relief funding after SuperStorm Sandy ravaged much of the New Jersey and New York area earlier this year. Now, following an Arizona wildfire, the same trio is vocally complaining that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is not doing enough to aid their state.

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10 Worst Things About Rick Perry

With his announcement Monday that he will not seek an unprecedented fourth full term as Governor of Texas, Rick Perry (R) will retire from the office in January 2015. Sadly, he will leave behind a record of right-wing extremism that few could match.

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