Sarah Kinosian

'It's Worse to be a Journalist Than a Criminal Here': WikiLeaks Founder's Bid for Asylum Highlights Ecuador's Crackdown on Press Freedom

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are both victims of “lies and misinformation,” according to the Latin American leader. Correa, who last month granted political asylum to Assange on the basis that he faces persecution by the US following the publication of thousands of diplomatic cables, angrily denies accusations of hypocrisy from those who say he silences critics in his own country.

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How a Native Colombian Tribe Is Trying to Kick the Army and Rebel Forces Off Its Lands

For 40 years, the indigenous Nasa tribe has watched hundreds of its people die in the crossfire between the Colombian government and leftist guerrillas. And now, they've had enough.

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