Sage McHugh

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open: 6 Outrageous Ways Airlines Try to Yank Your Wallet

These days, getting a good deal on an airfare isn’t as simple as buying a cheap ticket. Unwitting customers may be lured in by amazingly low ticket prices online, but sometimes the deal ends there. With domestic carriers tacking on extra charges for all sorts of basic services, travelers are often blindsided by additional fees once they arrive at the airport. You may not be able to avoid every a la carte service you’re hit with. But knowing which airlines charge the most egregious fees can help you make a more informed decision when comparing fares and calculating total costs.

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Your Exercise Equipment Is Lying to You About the Calories You're Burning

After a workout, it’s a great feeling to check the calorie counter on your machine and see how many you’ve burned off. But that killer workout might not have been as successful as you thought. Recent studies have shown that cardio machines and fitness trackers aren’t completely accurate and some may even be way off the mark.

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9 Wacky Products That People Actually Like

There is no shortage of odd products on the market these days. From sleep bracelets to whimsical exercise gadgets to apps that ease your daily dilemmas, there are some strange products out there. While some of them might be nothing but expensive toys for conspicuous consumers, a few may actually have some real value.

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8 Biggest Product Fails of 2014

Over the past year, some of the most hyped products, even those that showed promise, either turned out to be huge failures or still had quite a few kinks to work out. While some products weren’t as great as advertised, others were poorly marketed and quickly dropped off the consumer radar. From gimmicky gadgets that don’t work to unpopular fast food, here are the biggest product flops of the year.

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5 Toxic Chemicals in the Products You Use Every Day

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has no authority to assess the safety of beauty products before they go on the market. Unlike food and drug manufacturers, the cosmetics industry is free to use thousands of synthetic chemicals in all sorts of products, from lipstick and mascara to toothpaste and sunscreen.

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Enjoy Nature Without Destroying It: 5 Top Ecotourism Destinations

The key part of ecotourism is observing the beauty of the land while also making a concerted effort to preserve it. Environmentally conscientious travelers aim to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum and make sure their money is being spent in a place that truly deserves it. Here are five ecotourism destinations that have been recognized for their commitment to preserving the environment.

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Watch Out for These Buzzwords Food Companies Use to Hype That Their Products Are Healthy - They Don't Mean Anything

It's no secret that food companies falsely label products with healthy buzz words, creating the illusion that consumers are making a hearty choice. Today, the word "natural" is one of the most ubiquitous food labels seen on grocery store shelves. But over the past few years, frustrated consumers have filed numerous class action lawsuits against food companies, saying used deceptive marketing to trick shoppers into buying products that were not nearly as healthy as they claimed to be.

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Corporations Are Trying to Take Away Your Right to Complain About Their Products

Customers may unknowingly sign away their right to free speech by accepting the terms of service without reading the fine print. To prevent consumers from posting negative reviews, some companies are slipping non-disparagement clauses into contracts. If users post bad reviews online, even accounts that are completely truthful, they could be sued for violating the terms of these so-called agreements.

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